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Certified Installers Program

Using a Gamber-Johnson Certified Installation provider assures you that your mounting system is not only well-designed and manufactured to quality standards, but that it also is installed correctly, professionally and safely.

Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2008 certified designer and manufacturer of mobile mounting equipment, extends its expertise in providing installation training based on the latest industry criterion and provides a thorough understanding of new and developing standards. In addition, an end-user survey maybe administered with every certified installation to ensure customer satisfaction. If any issues are raised, Gamber-Johnson will perform an audit of the installation, and if necessary, will take immediate corrective action. The following installation providers have been certified by Gamber-Johnson and represent a commitment to continual improvement in product knowledge, job skills, customer service and quality of workmanship. In turn, Gamber-Johnson maintains this network through on-going technical and customer support.


To start the process to become a Gamber Johnson Certified Installer, candidate’s will need to fill out the “Certified Installer Program” information sheet and submit to the Installation Certification Team. If candidates are being considered, they will be followed up with from the Installation Team and will be required to have a Facility Evaluation done as part of the certification process that will be a 1-2 day visit. Here are some items that will be considered and discuss at the evaluation:

  • Proper mounting system / hardware selection
  • Best wiring practices
  • Air Bag Safety
  • Customer service skills
  • Product / Installation warranty

If your company provides installation services for Gamber-Johnson mounting systems and would like to be considered for certification, please email our Installation Certification Team or call us at 1-888-515-0072.

Sign-up for our Certified Installer Program here: Certified Installer Program



Certified installers of Gamber-Johnson products are independent contractors over which Gamber-Johnson has no right of control. The certification of a company by Gamber-Johnson indicates only that the company has demonstrated a certain level of competence in installing our products through training, past performance and deploying good workmanship practices. Gamber-Johnson makes no claims regarding the abilities, expertise or competency of individual employees of any certified company. Each company is an independent contractor and makes its own independent judgment of its employees to complete work in compliance with the expectations of this program. Gamber-Johnson specifically disclaims any responsibility to any party including third parties for the actions, or the failure to act, of individuals, agents or a company certified in the installation of Gamber-Johnson products.