You get what you pay for.

That has been the age-old adage when discussing purchasing. There is a tradeoff between what is paid versus what is actually received. When thinking about sports events and entertainment sets, what is it that we truly pay for? Some individuals will say that the experience alone, being at the right place at the right time, justifies the ticket prices individuals pay to attend such grand events.

As a member of the AV community, we strongly believe that the behind the scenes crew involved with professional audio-visual services are justifying said ticket costs. When you choose to attend an event either by yourself or with a group, immersion is the thing that you seek when attending events from an NBA playoff game to the last stop of your favorite entertainer’s world tour. We choose to go to these events to fall in love all over again with our favorite stars.

Visually, immersive content can be at the forefront of a successful show. Those involved in creating content must create visuals that capture the essence and theme of the event to get crowds engaged and excited. The content created must be displayed in high resolution using various display types; a large visual structure needs to be systematically engineered to fit the new or existing venue architecture.

LED video walls are a huge way that content can be shown. LED displays already contain a high volume of colors that can be paired to help a franchise visually display their team spirit. With LED cabinets, video content can be displayed in a seamless fashion to produce a singular image which keeps the audience’s vision and attention for extended periods of time. When systems architects or IT directors look to integrate a video wall into their space, there are variables that need to be kept in consideration for a successful installation. Once the variables are conquered, the system in place can truly set the stage.

Projection is another immersive way to get fans activated and involved as well. As projectors shift to having a wider spectrum of color and longer working lives, there is another element that projectors capture that stimulates the senses of fans. Interactivity is coming to projection in where actions on a projected image or video can create a reaction via integrated software.

One of the biggest immersive experiences using projection in sports and entertainment comes from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Their interactive projection technology can transform the look of the floor for the Atlanta Hawks in little time by having the power to mold a traditional basketball court into a social media wall of fan’s pictures across social media channels. Giving fans the power to see themselves on the court with the stars they covet is an opportunity that can only be achieved through advancements in audio-visual integration.

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