“You had us at Hello.”  

This IS a marketing statement, but it is actually how Premier Mounts operates as a company.

Premier Mounts firmly believes that quality products are ONLY made by quality people and with great people, anything is possible. “One of the most incredible things that drives Premier Mounts since 1977 is how well this team enjoys working with each other and sharing the same vision,” says Curtis Rose, Premier Mounts Marketing Manager. Rose believes it is very unusual to see this kind of teamwork contributing to the company’s success at every level, from executive management to junior staff. “We know how to grow our business, but we first understand how to grow and connect with our staff. This is truly the key to success.” When a new member joins Premier Mounts, the first “Hello” we extend as a group to the new individual is the foundation to build and grow our work family.

Premier Mounts values every unique encounter with customers and prospective customers.

It starts from the moment of the first contact; whether it is at a tradeshow or conference, through general email inquiry to find out more about a particular mount or asking for RFQ, telephone conversation with our customer service, working directly at a job site or on location at our home base. It’s about understanding that a happy customer is a potential returning customer who will very likely refer more potential customers. Another integral key to our success is taking pride in building relationships by creating long-term partnerships with our integrators. This is the true cycle of life and motivation at Premier Mounts.

It is a source of pride and gratitude that not only customers and partners have recognized our efforts, but industry professionals have also recognized our hard work and accomplishment; the Over the past 12 months, Premier Mounts received four prestigious industry awards:

Through achievements in designs developed for advanced mounting solutions, including direct view LED mounting, with the ease of installation and functionally top of mind, Premier Mounts received high industry recognition. “Following advances in technology is crucial, but it is equally important to create solutions that support applications provided from manufacturers,” said Rose. “Our focus is on creating a positive customer experience and enabling technology in ways others cannot.”

The DIGI Awards recognize the industry integrators and solution providers that have gone the extra mile to ensure success for their customers.

The Commercial Integrator awards, from 2018 BEST Awards (Best Electronics Systems Technologies), are a yearly collection of the most outstanding AV products and services currently impacting the commercial tech integration industry.

New Bay’s TV Technology Product Innovation Award recognizes excellence in manufacturing of products to serve the TV professional, video, and online radio audio industries. Award winners are selected by a panel of professional users that evaluate innovation of concept and design, creative use of technology, price value, and suitability for use.

This year’s 2018 rAVe Readers’ Choice Awards were determined by nominations from more than 92,000 members of the AV community. The rAVe awards represent the best-of-the-best in the industry of AV products, companies and technologies. See some of the other winners here!

This is what some of our team members have to say after winning these awards:

  • “For all the hard work we put into design and testing and to see such a rewarding outcome, this is awesome!!” Ross Divanfard, Design Manager
  • “To win the NewBay’s TV Innovation Award and DIGI Award was such a great feeling and I’m so glad to be a part of the team who worked on these products.” Shaun Roos, Sales Engineer
  • “I am so proud to be a part of this company and share the news of our awards and accomplishments when I’m on the phone with customers.” Lisa Martinez, Customer Success Manager
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