Video walls are in high demand across higher education institutions across the country. Educators are constantly looking for solutions to keep students communicating effectively or keeping up with school announcements which is why digital walls are now being seen installed inside classrooms and other campus facilities such as food courts, student lounges, and libraries.

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Universities like the University of Michigan, Virginia Commonwealth University (case study), North Carolina State, and Georgia State University have integrated immersive video walls into their campuses. Georgia State University installed an interactive curved wall in a classroom that measures 24 by 4.5 feet with over 25 million active pixels. This video wall allows students and instructors to present and convey messages in interesting and dynamic ways.

Schools are now turning to video walls because the large advantages it offers compared to projection based displays. Unlike projectors, video walls require less maintenance, do not require uninterrupted space, and provide a unique viewing experience.

When installing displays in high traffic, public facilities, there are safety regulations that must be met. Whether its displays in patient rooms or projectors in classrooms, all must pass federal and state regulations to comply with both OSHPD and ADA. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about video walls on your campus:

  • Make sure to invest in displays and mounts that are booth ADA and OSHPD  (like Premier Mounts’ LMVS).
  • The ADA (American Disability Act) requires objects projecting from walls shall not extend more than 4 inches, reducing the clear width of an accessible route or maneuvering space for anyone with disabilities.
  • OSHPD is a state regulation that makes installs, like LED displays and mounts, to pass seismic action over a four point rating which is extremely important for installations in states like California.

Educational facilities present a unique opportunity to use video walls to educate their students and create immersive learning experiences. Do not fret about all the compliance and regulations, these regulations were placed to ensure safety and security. Let us help you find the mounts you need for your next AV project.