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Video Wall Solutions – Answers to Mounting Challenges

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Video Wall Solutions - Answers to Mounting Challenges
Large Video Wall

Imaging Advantage LMV Video Wall

Video walls are an incredible way to showcase digital signage, and come in a variety of designs and sizes. When the decision has been made to build a video wall, there are a few things to consider in the early stages of planning.The video wall mounting system, itself, creates the backbone for innovative video wall planning and execution. Bear in mind that the complexity and the challenge will increase exponentially with the size of any display array, so when planning a video wall project it’s important to take the potential for unforeseen circumstances and conditions into account. Assembling and hanging a video wall is simple enough, but there are many factors that, if left unaddressed, can be detrimental to the final experience of a video wall installation. This is why it’s so important to consult with a mounting expert as you conceptualize your design.

Some of the occasionally overlooked benefits to working with our design team are our expertise and our quick turnaround by our ability to design and manufacture in-house. Video wall projects can be either simplistic or extremely complex, and we have the options to address all scenarios using stock mounts, a combination of stock mounts with project specific part, or entirely custom-designed mounting structures . We consult with you, ideally before the mounting surface is constructed, to collaborate on what you need for your video wall structure. Project concept-review, architect/consultant advisories and site surveys are just a few of the services that we provide to take an idea from, “wouldn’t this be cool?” to “this is exactly what I had in mind.” Our seasoned experts have been through just about every possible scenario on the road to video wall successes, and it is with and through that experience that we are able to pre-empt and prevent budget overruns and extended installation times.

It’s important to realize that there is rarely such a thing as a structurally perfect wall. Surface imperfections create potential challenges because even the most minor plumb variance can take a beautiful video wall and make it look sloppy and misaligned. When you’re asking displays to line up within .020 inch across multiple displays, even wall plumb imperfections undetectable to the naked eye can quickly jump from one crooked seam to multiple misalignments. Just imagine what visible mounting surface imperfections could do to your alignment!

McCarran Airport video wall

Largest video wall installation at McCarran International Airport

Involving a design team with the foresight to take precautionary measures to avoid pitfalls is pivotal. Fortunately, the experience and expertise our design team brings to the table can put things on the right track.

The size of your video wall is, generally speaking, the deciding factor of how complex the process of mounting it will be. When building a 3×3 video wall, imperfections and adjustments are relatively easy to deal with. Of course, when you’re building something of a grander scale, factors such as weight and thermal variables come into play. When building a considerably large video wall, it becomes vital to involve our mounting experts as you construct the surface wall in order to head off such issues.

Take this into consideration: even a “near-perfect” wall can flex outward and sag when supporting a few thousand pounds of video wall equipment. Mounts with fully-adjustable display brackets should adjust for plumb, tilt, horizontal/vertical alignment, and a rigid box-frame wall plate to increase torsion strength. Utilizing the proper mounting system is a simplified and cost-effective alternative to re-engineering and contracting a wall that may be less than perfect. In large-scale video walls, we can design precision-manufactured mounts that can conform to the wall structure and take on imperfections of any scale.

Thermal variables also come into play with the installation and operation of a video wall. Our project management team works closely with engineering to define specific requirements that will alleviate potentially damaging high temperatures from multiple displays by incorporating clear space in the mounting bracket, allowing for adequate air passage into the space behind the display. Fans are often used to push cooler air up and through the configurations and, in turn, continue pushing air through and out from the top of the display area as air temperature increases.

Many people might not realize the number of factors that contribute to the successful install and operation of large-scale displays.It takes a team of experts working closely with architects, consultants, integrators and general contractors- as early in the process as possible- to deliver impressive and precise video wall solutions.

GE 3x3 video wall

Video wall installation for GE Vehicle Innovation Center