No matter the scale of the AV project, having a strong manufacturing partner to achieve a client’s vision is optimal for success. Unilumin is a leading LED application products and integrated solutions provider dedicated to LED product development, manufacturing and pre/post-sales service, domestic and abroad. With Premier Mounts philosophy of “Think Unordinary, Mount the Extraordinary” and Unilumin’s vision of “Together, for a Brighter Future”, working together to achieve distinctive AV video wall solutions for clients all over the world is a continuous source of pride for both companies.

As an LED manufacturer, all of Unilumin’s high quality and high-performance LED products require precise mounting and Premier Mounts has solutions for all of them. Whether it’s wall-mounted, hanging, free-standing, floor anchored, or tilted, Premier Mounts has the ingenuity and the manufacturing ability to turn a concept into reality. Shaun Roos, Western Regional Sales Manager for Unilumin USA, describes Premier Mounts as a business partner, “With their quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable staff, Premier Mounts is the optimal partner to have.”

William Hill Sportsbook – Featuring Unilumin Panels and Premier Mounts Convergent

Premier Mount’s partnership with Unilumin began in 2017 with a small video wall installation on the east coast. From development to installation, members of the sales and engineering teams at Premier Mounts stayed actively involved throughout the entire process of the project. This included Premier Mounts closely collaborating with installers on the job and the Unilumin technicians then ad

apting those ideas into their mounts. The project went off without a hitch and opened the door to future opportunities and projects.

Although most of the Unilumin staff have had to learn how to install Premier Mounts products during the actual on-site project installs, that has never been a blocker. “Premier’s installation manuals are thorough and descriptive and with the addition of their trained staff available by phone, even the untrained can succeed,” says Roos. Case in point, some examples of successful significant projects where Premier Mounts solutions were used alongside Unilumin include the Tropicana hotel & casino sportsbook in Atlantic City and multiple Facebook office locations.


Playing Well with Others Means Winning All Around

Building and maintaining powerful strong relationships with manufacturers is paramount to positive results for the partners involved as well as the client. According to Roos, having that solid, direct relationship with Premier provides a quicker turnaround on requests and limits the layers of communication which can cause confusion or mistakes when relaying information. “Having a direct line to the manufacturer also ensures you are talking with the most knowledgeable person in that field and that you are getting accurate information as it pertains to the project,” adds Roos.

When working together, several team members at Premier Mounts come to mind for Roos, “It’s difficult to pick just one person from Premier that stands out, as I am fond of many individuals there. The marketing team (Curtis, Brandon, and Elijah) have always been wonderful to work with, especially during tradeshows and also when we were getting one of our walls set up in their showroom. Mike Devine and Kelly Smith are quick with responses and always eager to work with each other on custom applications. Len Dozier is someone I’ve respected and looked up to and always has his doors open for me to come by. Premier Mounts has a family vibe to them and it’s hard to pick your favorite family member.”

As manufacturing partners like Unilumin continuously encourage customers to choose Premier Mounts for their upcoming installations, it is motivation to strive for even higher client satisfaction. “The main reason I would suggest Premier Mounts products to a customer is that their LED mounted solution is affordable, in stock, and have proven time and time again to effectively achieve the client’s vision and then some,” says Roos.