Training and development programs are the basis of growth within any organization. As an innovative and technology driven company, Premier Mounts training efforts aim to equip employees and partners with the necessary skills to excel in a fast-paced industry.

Robust training courses enable installers to stay up to date with processes and can improve the overall quality of future installations. To better understand the impact training can have within the AV industry, Premier Mounts Installation Project Manager, Michael Johnson shares his insight about conducting training and creating consistency across the industry.

Since 2017, Michael Johnson has been a part of the Premier Dedicated Solutions team. In his role as Installation Project Manager, Mike oversees all installations and training on the PDS team. Mike’s work is a key component to maintaining partnerships and being hands-on during on-site installations to ensure that installation of Premier Mounts engineered solutions go as smooth as possible.


Successful installations allow for the successful mounting and utilization of AV products. Creating a consistent approach to training influences many aspects of the installation process. “Consistent training not only provides a common understanding of the installation process, but further emphasizes the goal of training itself which is to be detail oriented and utilize precise techniques,” explains Mike.

Experience is the best teacher, which is why Premier Mounts installation training follows a hands-on approach. When asked about the benefits of interactive training Mike explains, “when individuals can experience first-hand how to tackle installation projects, that same experience can be translated into action and critical thinking when they take on larger scale AV installations in the future.” Allowing installers to train with their hands and not just simply go over protocol and process, creates the basis for successful and well-rounded training. Premier Mounts is focused on training installers to work and think effectively, approach projects with flexibility and open minds, and stay up to date with materials and processes.


Extensive training strengthens the overall AV community because when one part of the industry succeeds, the entire industry benefits. Premier Mounts certified installers can be confident in their training and ability to carry out complex AV projects. “All training courses will differ in certain ways, but as trainees become more knowledgeable on installation as a whole, the broader industry will benefit,” says Mike when discussing the positive implications training has on the entire AV community. Premier Mounts offers installation training to the general population of installers to enhance not only our installers but our installation partners as well.

Training is a necessary step towards executing a successful AV installation. Premier Mounts is proud to have individuals such as Mike Johnson to share years of experience, wisdom, and expertise that can aid in training individuals who are taking the next step towards growing their installation abilities and knowledge.

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