It’s time for another visit to the top of the [mount]ain. This month, our Vlogs are a helpful resource to understand and learn more about digital signage and the importance of being connected! Our Vlog is officially on a roll as we continue to post biweekly, so be on the lookout for the next episode of “The Peak!”

In episode nine of “The Peak”, Brandon Breznick and Alesia Hendley, both members of the SCN: The Nine, talk about current trending topics in the AV industry and how we can use our platforms to define the industry moving forward. Both Brandon and Alesia go deep into explaining the importance of opening opportunities for future generations interested in the tech industry.

Tune into “The Peak” episode #10 to learn how technology is integrating AV into eSports. Two members of our team sit down and explore why we are now seeing eSport integrating immersive video walls in their arenas to create unique experiences.

Our goal this year is to consistently provide engaging and interesting resources for everyone in the audiovisual industry. Is there something we aren’t talking about and should be? Let us know!