Premier Mounts has spent over 35 years as an industry leader, with an innovative team of experts who we’re fortunate enough to have on hand if we’re ever stumped for an A/V answer. It’s as simple as walking down a hall of our Fullerton headquarters and knocking on doors like Rich Pierro– our General Manager with over 22 years of brilliant manufacturing and design experience. If there’s an inquiry about one of our installations, we can go to our own Steve Pedroza– expert in all things A/V Project Management (and one of the nicest people around). Our Vice President of Sales, Tiffany Dozier, is always in the office with a friendly hello and more than 15 years of expertise for any mounting question we have. Needless to say- our team rocks.

So, when we wanted to get some background information on just how this whole Custom thing started, it was a matter of checking in with our own Premier Mounts Founder and CEO, Len Dozier. Len is our go-to expert, always with a smile, a wave and the knowledge base to explain anything we ask. Eavesdrop on our conversation as we sit down with him for part one of a three-part series on his experience in the mounting industry and the early days of custom mounts:

 “In the beginning, almost every mount was custom. When Flat-Panel Display technology first came out, about the only place you would mount a flat-panel was on a wall. Stands hadn’t even been invented, and the products were very prone to breakage. So, consequently, a lot of our custom work started because we were working with manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Fujitsu, and Hitachi to correct those issues.

We were being asked a lot in those early days to create a solution in partnership with a display manufacturer- in a unique market that they wanted to try to introduce flat-panel sales to. And then things started to establish themselves. Flat-wall mounts, tiling wall mounts; they were pretty much commodities as far as how they mounted. Then we started doing the same thing with ceiling mounts. In the early days we would take our wall mounts, create an adapter and convert them into ceiling mounts. They looked pretty ugly from the back, but they worked. We introduced the PDM 4201T Display Mount, our first tilting ceiling mount specifically made for a flat-panel display.

And then about four years ago, our senior design engineer and I created a custom ceiling mount in our ECM series. It’s since become a staple of ours, and it’s also now a stock product. A lot of times it would start out that someone would ask us “Can you make something that would do this or that?” We do it, and if its acceptance seems pretty high, and we may go into mass production on it. There you can see the evolution from custom-only to our current combination of custom and stock products…”

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of our interview with Len Dozier to read about the different capabilities for our Custom mounts, their journey through professional sports, and how Premier Mounts places emphasis on ethics in the mounting industry.

PDM mount

PDM: The original flat-panel mount from Premier Mounts

PDM mount

Premier Mounts PDM tilting flat-panel mount side view

PDM ceiling mount

PDM series ceiling mounted at American Airlines Atlanta Terminal still in action in 2013

PDM Manual

PDM Display Mount Instructions: A look into the past