A museum can be a special place and a great opportunity for an AV integrator to put their best foot forward for all to see. The traditional role of museums is to collect things of significance for public viewing. There are now more than 55,000 museums in 202 countries. The traditional model of museums is evolving to include virtual exhibits and high-resolution images of their collections to enhance the experience for their patrons.

When a museum located in the great state of Texas featuring Americana wanted to up their game in terms of impact as people entered the museum, they turned to Taurus Technologies for the best solution. The team decided upon a 7×7 direct-view LED (dvLED) video wall using Planar TVF panels. It would feature old fashioned cars and baseball memorabilia and be used for previewing content within the museum as visitors dispersed to individual exhibits.


For the maximum impact reaching the most viewers as they entered the museum, it was decided to situate the videowall approximately 20 feet off the ground positioned on a forward tilting wall. The apparent obstacle was getting a heavy, one-piece frame up in the air for installation of the LED modules and mount it to the angled wall all at once with only two installers. This would increase the complexity and take additional time and labor not to mention adding safety considerations to the installation.


The obstacle was overcome by incorporating the new Premier Mounts Convergent TVF mount made specifically for the Planar Leyard dvLED panels. Its lightweight modular design made it easy for the installation team at Ion Visual Solutions to hold up a series of individual brackets when securing to the angled wall. The lightweight bracket system was able to be raised by scissor lift and installed much easier than trying to lift a giant single unit frame. Another common issue is wall unevenness. This was solved by the Convergent’s 1” of adjustability of the z-axis.  The Convergent has additional adjustability points for perfect x-y-z plane alignment of the dvLED modules and better access to mounting holes. This solution made the installation of the videowall safer, faster and more cost-efficient. See the full installation with the Ion Visual Solutions team here!

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