The project is for a high-profile university that wants to bring the age-old gymnasium concept into the new millennium via a multi-use design. The key word for them is flexibility. Although basketball is certainly important to them, the gym must become a space of social importance with other forms of human interaction taking place.  As our society demands greater utilization of space for greater numbers of people, gyms have the potential to be social hubs as well as sports hubs. In designing for flexibility, the university wanted a mobile solution for their scoreboard table.

Integrator TSAV partnered our PDS custom division to design a portable scoreboard with provision for the announcers to sit behind the display. It would need space for laptops, microphones, and notepads on a workplace shelf behind the display and a footrest provided for added comfort.


The challenge for the scoreboard design was to be portable yet strong and durable and at the same time, easily wheeled on and off the court with a minimum of technical support. It would require protection from players colliding into it during games as well as for the players themselves. Since it would be located on the gym floor there was a need to protect the LED panels from things like stray basketballs. It also would need a method to conveniently attach power at the various locations around the gym and do so safely.


The final design was a 30’ long control/operations “table” built in seven modular sections. The structure was tubular steel with metal cladding for light weight and durability. The portable scoreboard uses Absen PSCT10 displays and incorporated a ¼” polycarbonate acrylic cover for superior clarity and a higher impact resistance for protection of the LED display. Premier Mounts added foam padding on the face and edges of the unit for player and scoreboard protection. In addition, a tabletop shelf was built in with ample space for laptops, microphones, etc. and incorporated a footrest for game announcers as well as storage space at the bottom. 3” heavy duty swivel casters on the bottom of the table were used with a secure locking mechanism guaranteeing ease of mobility and staying where it is placed.

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