When most of us think of a resort, we think of a welcoming staff and a fine hotel, a carefully manicured golf course, great restaurants, and in many cases, a casino. At the Talking Stick Resort in Arizona, all of that is certainly the case but there is much more to it than that.  One of the main attractions of the property is as one guest opined, “enjoying the Arizona evening and the fabulous sky with ever-changing colors” and for many, that is what this resort experience is all about. One of the main focal points of the resort is the expansive pool area and thoughtfully designed food and beverage area. It is also a comfortable place for pampered guests to view the beautiful landscape and ever-changing sky. Comfortable chairs and fire pits are arranged throughout the outdoor space, with the pool bar serving as the hub of activity for an enhanced outdoor experience.


The challenge this project posed was the ability to balance the interactions of guests with the natural beauty of the area and an enhanced experience by utilizing AV connectivity. Understandably, each guest’s experience varies, so the second challenge for the designers was how to situate the high brightness, outdoor rated displays throughout the facility. They primarily needed to be in the bar area, while also being accessible to those within the pool bar without undue distraction for those outside. The final challenge was one left to Premier Mounts. The objective was to produce a mount that would be as unobtrusive as possible, adjustable in terms of the tilt angle of the display, and manufactured with a weather resistant coating that would stand up to the natural environment, ultimately leading to an efficient, easily serviceable, and economical mount design.


Once the project was designed, it was decided that the mounts would be installed by the AV system integration partner. One of the keys to the success of the project related to preparatory conversations and need analysis prior to the final mount selection. During that process, Premier gained an understanding of the opportunity, the challenges, and the design objectives. This led to a discussion of a custom designed and manufactured solution to meet the design criteria and fit the environment.

The preliminary plan for the mounts was a multi-display ceiling mount system in the center of the bar area surrounded by additional mounts along the edges of the building with tilt capability. The center mount with tilt function was custom built to the specifications of the designer and painted with super durable AAMA-2604 powder coating to give it a corrosion resistant finish, in addition to the surrounding mounts. The success of the final installation was the result of a collaborative process between the designer, the AV integrator, and Premier Mounts all working to keep a close eye on opportunity and challenges to overcome.