September Product Showcase


Creating quality products, we stand behind with lifetime warranties is why so many integrators and A/V professionals turn to Premier Mounts. Learn more about our latest and greatest products that solve your A/V challenges in our November Product Showcase!


Vibration Reducing Adapter for Projector Mounts

  • Absorbs vibrations from outside disruptions to keep the display image steady
  • Large rubber dampers absorb shock from outside activities such as slamming doors or equipment motors
  • Adapter includes an integrated coupler that fits any 1.5” NPT pipe (not included)
  • 50 lb weight capacity

List Price: $179


In-Wall Cable and Gear Power Box for Drywall Installation

  • Cable routing to keep Power and data out of site
  • Room for small media players
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically for
  • In wall box allows screen to sit flushed against the wall
  • Power knockouts available to route all power and data into the box

List Price: $84


Ceiling adapter designed for cathedral or vaulted ceilings

  • Weight capacity 150 lb
  • 1.5 in NPT pipe coupler securely connects extension pipes and projector mounts
  • Slotted for safely routing power and signal cables through pipe interior.
  • Tightening screw to secure preferred position

List Price: $99


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