Ceiling, floor or floor-to-ceiling mount for the 46′ or 55′ model Samsung OMN-D

The PFC-OMND is our revolutionary mount for the new Samsung OMN-D Dual sided display panel. We provide the best solution for the Samsung OMN-D because our mount can be installed on the ceiling, floor or combined to provide a unique floor-to-ceiling configuration. That means only one carton to ship and facilitate all 6 configurations for mounting. Both the 46″ and 55″ model are compatible with our mounting solution. (Display pictured not included)

  • Engineered to allow for multiple screen center view height adjustments
  • Vinyl covers inside and out hide cables and mounting screws for a clean and finished look.
  • Comes with a floor/ceiling anchor template to accurately mark the hole center locations.
  • Follows strict industry standards when placing anchors into 3000psi concrete, floors or ceiling structures.
  • Optional PFC-OMND-B portable floor stand base for projects that require mobility.

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