Lateral Shift Adapter for PDS Projector Mounts

The PDS-LAT, lateral shift adapter for PDS projector mounts, aids in correcting projector lens position even when mounting points do not line up with the center of the projection screen. A common example of this is installations where a new projector needs to be mounted to a previously installed pipe but the lens is still a few in./mm off center.


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Shipping Weight
1 lb. | 0.45 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount
75 lb. | 34.02 kg
2.8 in. | 71.12 mm
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
2.5 in. (wide) x 2.3 in. (high) x 7.5 in. (deep) | 63.5 mm x 58.42 mm x 190.5 mm

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