Projector Mount and False Ceiling Adapter with Quick Lock Cables

The MAG-FCMA-QL includes the MAG-PRO universal projector mount for projectors that weigh less than 10 lb. and a full tile false ceiling plate adapter, the PP-FCMA with quick locking cables. The MAG-PRO includes the patented MagnaGuide™ which reduces installation time by using powerful magnets to easily guide the integrated pipe coupler to the mount. A safety lever locks the two pieces together securely. Radial Glide™ allows up to 10° of smooth tilt adjustment and a simple lock-down screw secures the adjustments. With four inches of lateral shift, PP-FCMA allows for precise projector placement while hidden above the ceiling tiles.


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Shipping Weight
28.64 lb. | 12.99 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount
10 lb. | 4.54 kg
+6.00°/ -6.00°
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
25 in. (wide) x 8.5 in. (high) x 25 in. (deep) | 635 mm x 215.9 mm x 635 mm

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