Plenum rated Gearbox™ for storage and cable management.

The GB-AVSTOR3 stores AV and IT components above the false ceiling to provide a clean, organized room environment. It replaces a standard 2 x 2 ft. false ceiling tile, with a perforated lid that looks like a standard HVAC return register when closed. The compact GB-AVSTOR3 extends the lower room area into the ceiling and is sealed to the plenum space above the ceiling tiles to avoid plenum-related building code issues.

In addition, our gearbox is plenum rated, ETL Certified and UL 2043 rated.


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Shipping Weight
30.4 lb. | 13.79 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount
50 lb. | 22.68 kg
23.88 in. | 606.55 mm
23.88 in. | 606.55 mm
5.05 in. | 128.27 mm
Shipping Box DIM Sizes
27.3 in. (wide) x 6.5 in. (high) x 27.3 in. (deep) | 693.42 mm x 165.1 mm x 693.42 mm

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