Floor Stand with 72 in. Dual Poles and Rotating Mount for Flat-Panels up to 160 lb.

This floor stand with 72 in. dual polished chrome poles includes a rotating mount for flat-panels up to 160 lb. The RTM-L mount provides rotation between 0º and 90º for a horizontal or vertical configuration. The base can be used as a mobile display cart or static stand.


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Shipping Weight
112 lb. | 50.80 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount
200 lb. | 90.72 kg
Total Weight Capacity
200 lb. | 90.72 kg
74 in. | 1879.60 mm
Mounting Pattern
250 x 200 (Min) , 875 x 505 (Max) mm
Pipe Length
72 in. | 1828.80 mm

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