In today’s world of digital signage, we are now seeing manufacturers innovating their products to be bolder, brighter and creatively built to grasp your audience’s attention. With a goal to target an existing customer base, digital signage is now being used inside store fronts to provide immersive and unique window shopping experience.

Our engineering team at Premier Mounts has created a solution for the Samsung OMN-D dual 46” & 55” retail focused display. An all–in–one ceiling and floor mounted solution that gives retail the opportunity to display content inside and outside from window displays. Our free standing mount also gives retails the opportunity to place double sided digital signage any where they please.

Our PFC-OMND mounting solution was strategically made for the Samsung OMN-D because one SKU can be mounted on the ceiling, floor or floor-to-ceiling and accommodate both the 46 and 55in displays. The PFC-OMND features built-in height adjustment so the viewing height is perfect based on your application. The footprint for ceiling or floor mounting complies with all state and federal regulations for proper separation of anchor holes in 3000 psi concrete slabs. Additionally we have developed the PFC-OMND-B. this expansion of the original includes a standalone base if your project does not permit mounting in the ground and a floor stand is required.

Samsung OMN-D dual 46” & 55” retail focused display requires components to bring the viewing experience to life. Things like media players, cables, and other components all need to be integrated to ensure that the whole system works as one. Our PFC-OMND features plastic covers to hide cables and mounting screws to achieve a clean and finished look.

With displays constantly getting better, it is important for mounting solutions to follow. When considering to invest in your next dual sided digital signage display, make sure to keep Premier Mounts in mind as the foundation of your project’s success. Digital signage is only as good as the mounting solution that supports it!