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Premier Mounts finds Synergy with SYNNEX

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Premier Mounts finds Synergy with SYNNEX

In order to find and keep successful partnerships that will bring the best results to audiovisual clients, it takes time, industry expertise and constant collaboration. Sometimes a client’s unique audiovisual needs require working with a new distributor. Just over a year ago, Premier Mounts started working with Synnex. Mostly focused on business-to-business services that help customers and business partners grow, Synnex brings the most relevant technology solutions with value-added capabilities to the IT and consumer electronics markets, helping customers and business partners grow and enhance their customer engagement strategies.

It all began when Synnex VP of Product Management Sandi Stambaugh met with Premier Mounts Executive Vice President of Sales Tiffany Dozier, on several occasions at the InfoComm and DSE tradeshows where they ultimately decided they should be working together in the LED market. “It’s been very engaging to work with the team at Premier Mounts. We’ve been very happy. Synnex is a very large and complex company but our particular business unit is smaller and focused and we’re all about partnership. From the very beginning, Larry Drum, Tiffany Dozier, and the whole team have had a similar approach to business and company culture,” says Stambaugh.

In creating AV solutions for clients, teamwork between distributors and integrators is important as capabilities run from business development, pre-sales design, and interaction with engineering and sales teams all focusing on integration and installation to help support our customers. “Today, we work together in a lot of different ways, with Premier Mounts and with Samsung. We build solutions and address challenges with our technologies and with our customers to take to their end customers. We’ve also completed training with the pre-sales design team. Larry has supported Synnex with opportunities and has answered questions to help support the creation of full solutions,” adds Stambaugh.

Synnex is a company that has many different offerings, so it is important to choose partners and companies that differentiate themselves. From the simple job to the highly complex project, the focus should always be on the customer solution. “Premier Mounts differentiates what it means to be a quality partner because of its focus on customer service through engagement and responsiveness which helps to create those complete solutions,” says Stambaugh.

Building direct and meaningful relationships benefits everyone involved and will ultimately help both businesses flourish. “Premier Mounts has a meaningful offering for our company which is very important. We are not interested in having every brand and every type of technology, but we’re interested in having relationships with the right partners. Premier Mounts is thoughtful and deliberate when working with them one on one and they go above and beyond as a partner,” concludes Stambaugh.