Today’s tech-driven world demands environments to be flexible, versatile and interactive. Traditional churches and worship venues are making strides to integrate AV solutions to have a stronger impact when reaching church goers. The introduction of digital signage in houses of worship are influencing the ability to leverage digital branding and create a digitally connected community.

Worship facilities often use multiple streams of media to communicate with the congregation and digital signage only catapults that process, reaching more individuals in a far more effective manner.


Live Sermon Broadcasting through Video Walls, Large Displays and Projectors

Understanding how to connect with an audience is at the center of any worship facility. Churches are working to strengthen the worship experience and connect the audience by means of incorporating digital signage during the sermon. Digital signage allows for real time images to be displayed on screen while worship leaders and pastors are speaking. There is a trend for many churches with large congregations to install mega video walls, large displays and projectors to enhance the messages in sermons. An increase in participation by the congregation can also be influenced by displaying scriptures and song lyrics that match current discussion and music selection. The idea is to make the whole church going experience more meaningful.

Another technological advancement for broadcasting in the worship space is through the addition of mounted television screens in various areas of campus. Digital displays can be present and live streaming can occur in areas such as overflow seating venues, nursery lobbies, and church cafes, allowing attendees to participate with the rest of the congregation by viewing and listening to the live sermons.


Facility Wayfinding

Digital signage doesn’t stop at enhancing the worship experience. It is also a source of wayfinding for worship facilities. Often times, digital displays will house interactive maps and directories for church goers to find specific locations on larger church campuses. In some cities, many of these digital display kiosks are even enclosed in order to protect the guest from harsh weather conditions.

Another way that digital displays can be utilized is through the promotion and advertisements of bookstores, cafes, and nurseries located within church facilities.

This type of interactivity encourages attendees to use the digital signage to help them find their way around and allows the church to tap into the power of marketing through targeted messaging.


Interactive Community Boards

The opportunity for growth among worship facilities can be escalated by the use of digital messaging and interactive displays. Many of these displays have modern smart touch technology for ultimate participation leading to a feeling of community togetherness and inclusiveness. Promoting service times to drive attendance, sharing news like parking or construction updates, recognizing donors and even attracting younger congregants can be done through the use of digital community announcement boards and can often be displayed all at once on the same screen. The purposes of these digital boards is to connect the community and create experiences that build upon the relationship the church maintains with the congregation. Displaying social media accounts and the church website around digital kiosks also help improve the overall digital engagement. Announcements such as fundraisers, volunteer opportunities and important events can be displayed to potentially increase awareness and participation. This can also help reduce the costs associated with printing weekly bulletins and or other printing materials.

Often viewed as an nontraditional market for AV solutions, worship facilities present a unique space that has a growing opportunity potential to leverage digital signage with intentional design and execution.