The new year often marks a time in which new faces appear in fitness facilities around the globe. And while the focus for most is often on maintaining or acquiring a killer physique, the atmosphere and functionality of facilities certainly play a key role in allowing gym-goers to work toward their goals. Digital signage in gyms is essential now more than ever to providing the ultimate fitness environment and can be used in a variety of places thanks to state-of-the-art mounting solutions.

“At Premier Mounts, we often say a digital display is only as good as the mount that supports it,” says Assistant Communications Manager at Premier mounts, Brandon Breznick, “people tend to focus on displays and their content, but putting that screen in the best possible spot to make an impact on someone watching is all because of the mounting solution behind it.” With mounts being utilized properly, locations of displays can be selected carefully for the best and most trafficked areas.

Whether being used to keep members informed of upcoming events, challenges or membership deals, or for providing entertainment to those who are on the move, many things must be considered. A recent study found that nearly 70 percent of gym-goers watch 40 minutes of TV per visit. With a statistic like this, there is certainly a lot of possibility with mounted display technology.

Perhaps the most commonly seen digital mounts in gyms are above machinery like treadmills, ellipticals, and stair steppers. The placement of these TVs is important for providing entertainment and updates to gym-goers as they sweat. These are best mounted from the ceiling, as to not disrupt proper posture while running or walking. Depending on the facility, mounts can be installed with drop pipe adapters directly into ceiling studs or into false ceiling units using overhead AV storage boxes. Whether playing the news or ESPN, technology is often a welcome distraction from the activity at hand.

Wall-mounted digital displays can be employed in other places around gyms for entertainment, updates and other features. Perhaps you want to relay a class schedule change, or feature a trainer of the month? Technology displays are perfect for doing just so. Placement is key and you’ll want to consider high trafficked areas when installing. Locations like near a water bottle filling station, or where members check-in are spots to consider for additional digital displays. Here, you can give updates and quick content that is time-sensitive to clientele. Digital signage through displays also means that gyms can rotate content seamlessly to make sure members are in the know about the most important events.

In addition to being a benefit to already established members, digital displays work as a fantastic marketing tool too. Installing in windows visible to the outside allow you to market membership deals, unique gym features and more to passersby. The ability to continuously change messaging is incredibly convenient as well, giving gyms the option to change the news quickly and easily based on the time of year and in accordance with current events and deals happening. Gyms can take advantage of a display like Samsung’s OMND line where dual sided screens capture attention immediately at the doors of athletes starting or ending their workouts.

Modern-day technology serves countless businesses in a variety of capacities, and fitness facilities are no exception. Properly and thoughtfully mounted digital displays have the power to entertain, connect and inform, keeping members in the zone day after day.