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Mount Hunter Photo Contest

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Mount Hunter Photo Contest

We’re your number one fan, and we love hearing from you.

We want to know how your day is going, what sorts of A/V projects you’re working on, what you’re excited about in the industry, the list goes on and on.

We just plain like ya’.

One of the highlights of our day is when we get to engage in a conversation with you on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and (now!) our Blog. We see your messages and do a little happy dance because we get to chat with a few of our favorite people: You.

Since we like you, you like fun, and we all like social media, we figured- heck, let’s make it a game!

Once per month, we’ll post an announcement for our Mount Hunter contest on ONE of our social media platforms, requesting your interaction on that particular page. The announcement will contain that month’s Mount Hunter Photo Contest details. Simply be the first to post a picture of your smiling face with one of our Premier Mounts products-in-action, and we’ll send you a FREE Starbucks Gift Card! (It IS Pumpkin Spice Latte season, after all).

Mount Hunter Photography Contest

We know there are a lot of budding photographers out there, so get creative! Feel free to use filters, “dress up” your photos, and include as many people as you’d like (submission credit will go to the person posting the photograph). Even if you’re not the first post, we’ll still feature your photo in a shout-out section of our blog. We’re really excited to see and hear from you, and can’t wait to see what you come up with. Keep an eye on all five media platforms (you never know where or when we’ll post the contest) for our first edition of The Mount Hunter Photo Contest.