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74% of fans say HD video enhances their experience at a sporting venue. And with cutting-edge projects, such as Atlanta’s $1.4 Billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the movement is clear: connect with fans or watch attendance plummet. With the proliferation of increasingly lower cost HDTV giving consumers unprecedented access to home and restaurant entertainment options, up to 54% of consumers now say they’d rather watch the game anywhere but the stadium. College football stadiums, lacking the budget for professional AV, are becoming known as ”dead zones”, with students giving up on the game at halftime to reconnect with their digital world.

If digital displays, bringing information and entertainment options to sporting venues – inside and out – prevents this slide in consumer live sports spending, then Premier Mounts is changing the game for sports franchises everywhere. Racetracks, stadiums and arenas not only put traditional flat panel displays through tough conditions, but they demand stunning videoboards, scoreboards and videowalls. They push the envelope for AV technology.


Premier Mounts has 40 years experience in delivering tailored solutions for sports and entertainment venues. But with digital convergence taking the industry by storm, the best is yet to come.


Attendance Plummets

The Reason

for the across the board dropoff in attendance: fans, especially younger millennials, now prefer to root for their favorite teams from the comfort of their homes.


has produced stunning and dynamic television sets that give fans an amazing viewing experience from their couch

Desktop computers, tablets, and even pocket-sized devices now offer HD and 4k resolutions that dazzle the eyes with crystal clear quality. Not only that, internet connectivity provides further engagement as audiences can look up statistics and even replay highlights from 360 degree angles at the swipe of their screen

Evolving Technologies


In order to compete with the challenges presented by evolving technologies, sports venues must step up their game and offer unique experiences that home viewing can never provide. Sports organizations are discovering that by upgrading their video walls to include supersized and omnipresent digital displays within the entirety of their arenas, they can attract fans to live games and keep them there for the duration of the events.

The key is total video immersion that transforms spectators into active participants who are in on every play, huddle, and time-out. By blanketing attendees vision at every turn, beginning in the parking lot, and continuing in the seats, at the concession stands, at restrooms, at souvenir kiosks, and not ending until fans return to their car, teams can offer a completely immersive sensory adventure that cannot be recreated at home. For younger audiences who are married to their mobile devices, internet connectivity is paramount and organizations are finally catching on that incorporating popular social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine into digital screens at live events results in maximum fan engagement.


Collaborating with Clients

In order to make these exciting cutting-edge video interfaces a reality, organizations and display manufacturers are partnering with Premier Mounts, the leading innovator in mounting solutions. Our engineers collaborate closely with clients to create customized solutions for each stadium and arena so that every venue provides an unmatched, unique feeling as special as the cities in which they reside.


Award Winning Designs

Our award winning designs have been recognized by industry leading publications as the best in the business and we take pride in outdoing ourselves with every new project. We understand breakthrough advancements like glasses-free 3D technology and how to use them to help completely redefine the stadium experience.

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SportsNet New York

“Premier Mounts customized the mount to our exact needs and was very helpful in guiding us through the installation and display alignment process. The largest issue was cost vs. quality, and the response times, turnaround and final product was extremely stable.” – Alex Blanding, Senior Director of Engineering, SportsNet New York

University of California at Irvine

“It was nice to work with a local company with thoroughly tested products with proven credibility. Premier Mounts provided exceptional service with zero problems. One of the biggest challenges were the outside installations that were to be completed at bus stops and cafes at the campuses, and Premier Mounts’ flat panel enclosures were a perfect match and were off the shelf, ready to install.” – Brooke Robbins, Axcess Video

PBR Rock Bar & Grill

“We had a tight turnaround time for the Planet Hollywood project. We turned to Premier Mounts because we knew they could get the job done right in the 10-day timeframe we gave them.” – Kevin Potts, Director of Business Development, R2W, Inc.

Imaging Advantage

“Premier Mounts has always provided us with great customer service and quick delivery. We faced a very tight deadline, but the LMV was easy to install and the spacer made it simple to position each flat panel without having to measure space between each screen, which really helped us meet our deadline.” – Conrad Taylor, Project Consultant, Immedia Audio Visual Solutions

Robinson’s Brewery

“Premier Mounts was able to provide us with the perfect solution to mounting the mega-sized 80 in. Sharp display and help deliver a seamless installation for our client.” – Colin Etchells, Group, Technical Manager, Saville AV

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