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Today’s students from elementary school through college have never known life without the internet. Surveys find that 92% of teens report going online daily, and over 85% of college students use a smartphone or laptop on a regular basis. The average age children receive their first phone is six, and every year more and more kids learn to read not from paperback books, but off illuminated tablet screens. Education is changing and Premier Mounts is constantly innovating new solutions to make learning interactive and memorable for students of all ages. For anyone born during the current Information Age, digital technology has always been a cornerstone of their youth earning them the moniker digital natives. Digital natives are familiar and comfortable with modern technologies, and educators are discovering that they must incorporate digital tools into their curriculum and school environments in order to best reach their students.

Over the last decade, Premier Mounts has helped schools (K-12) and universities around the world integrate high-tech displays into classrooms and campuses, enabling the highest level of student engagement. We completely dominate the sector, and have the expertise to transform both old red brick schoolhouses and staid lecture halls into stimulating, 21st century learning centers.


Dynamic Learning

Deft educators are ditching the chalkboard and turning to digital projectors, high-definition TVs, and even interactive touch screens to bring their lessons to life. At Premier Mounts, we carry an exhaustive collection of projector mounts, mobile carts, and display stands to help teachers present dynamic digital lessons while simultaneously creating an enjoyable learning experience through vibrant visuals.

Information Broadcast

From lunch menus to basic school announcements to time-critical alerts, there’s no better medium for broadcasting information than with digital signage. Replacing static images with captivating graphics allows for maximum message dissemination among the student body, faculty, and staff. Our superior line of tilting, fixed, and swingout mounts provide the optimal solutions for any school’s digital content distribution.

Engaging Spaces

At Premier Mounts, safety is our priority. Integrating mounted, or cable suspended digital displays and projectors into classrooms can present a hazard to students and teachers. In order to mitigate this risk and provide for peace of mind, we subject all our products to rigorous inspection, security checks, and certification standards. Our products never fail when properly installed, meaning educators can deploy digital technology with the confidence that the academic environment remains a safe space. Educators and administrators can best engage students through modern technologies that digital natives not only prefer, but expect. At Premier Mounts, we help academia meet this challenge by offering the finest stock and customizable mounting solutions, perfect for any school’s digital display needs.

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SportsNet New York

“Premier Mounts customized the mount to our exact needs and was very helpful in guiding us through the installation and display alignment process. The largest issue was cost vs. quality, and the response times, turnaround and final product was extremely stable.” – Alex Blanding, Senior Director of Engineering, SportsNet New York

University of California at Irvine

“It was nice to work with a local company with thoroughly tested products with proven credibility. Premier Mounts provided exceptional service with zero problems. One of the biggest challenges were the outside installations that were to be completed at bus stops and cafes at the campuses, and Premier Mounts’ flat panel enclosures were a perfect match and were off the shelf, ready to install.” – Brooke Robbins, Axcess Video

PBR Rock Bar & Grill

“We had a tight turnaround time for the Planet Hollywood project. We turned to Premier Mounts because we knew they could get the job done right in the 10-day timeframe we gave them.” – Kevin Potts, Director of Business Development, R2W, Inc.

Imaging Advantage

“Premier Mounts has always provided us with great customer service and quick delivery. We faced a very tight deadline, but the LMV was easy to install and the spacer made it simple to position each flat panel without having to measure space between each screen, which really helped us meet our deadline.” – Conrad Taylor, Project Consultant, Immedia Audio Visual Solutions

Robinson’s Brewery

“Premier Mounts was able to provide us with the perfect solution to mounting the mega-sized 80 in. Sharp display and help deliver a seamless installation for our client.” – Colin Etchells, Group, Technical Manager, Saville AV

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