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The Internet of Things (IoT) gets a lot of publicity in the consumer world. But what is often underestimated is it’s potential for commercial and industrial spaces. Corporate communication is the key to success among scalable business and therefore proper AV control measures need to be put into place. Business Intelligence, the idea that businesses can operate with realtime data has proliferated as cloud-based services integrate, enabling the sharing of data and the connected enterprise.

As hardware, software and machinery intersect in commercial environments, Premier Mounts anticipates the largest boom in digital corporate enhancements the industry has ever seen. From dashboards to control panels to marketing display, real-time analytics, business intelligence and systems monitoring, where there is access to information, there is the requirement for display.


Improving Communication

Displays no longer simply talk “at” you. Communication has become bi-directional. Everything from office video conference walls, to information boards in the hallways and projectors in training rooms, have gone interactive. Employees, accustomed to beautiful displays in the home and home theater have begun to demand more in the form of AV from their office places — and they are right.

Engaging People

As consumers and end-users demand more engaging, immersive and interactive displays, they are beginning to put down the smart phone. The affordability of displays and hardware, seen as commoditization to some, is suddenly a driving force behind the ubiquity of displays. No matter the business or their budget, the effective use of engaging AV is no longer seen as a luxury, it’s now a necessity.

Engineered For Safety

We take into account every consideration such as the weight of video walls, the age of the structure, the climate of the area, even the way in which users interact with screens, and configure mounting solutions accordingly so that businesses can integrate digital displays, confident in their safety. No project begins before reviewing the walls and building for potential installation issues. Premier Mounts will provide creative mounting solutions to address old, structural walls, while giving a lush aesthetic that wouldn’t distract from the digital content. Our expert engineers and ingenious designers have the skills to deliver custom solutions that meet the architectural challenges of any building, all with a rapid turnaround to ensure projects stay on schedule.

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SportsNet New York

“Premier Mounts customized the mount to our exact needs and was very helpful in guiding us through the installation and display alignment process. The largest issue was cost vs. quality, and the response times, turnaround and final product was extremely stable.” – Alex Blanding, Senior Director of Engineering, SportsNet New York

University of California at Irvine

“It was nice to work with a local company with thoroughly tested products with proven credibility. Premier Mounts provided exceptional service with zero problems. One of the biggest challenges were the outside installations that were to be completed at bus stops and cafes at the campuses, and Premier Mounts’ flat panel enclosures were a perfect match and were off the shelf, ready to install.” – Brooke Robbins, Axcess Video

PBR Rock Bar & Grill

“We had a tight turnaround time for the Planet Hollywood project. We turned to Premier Mounts because we knew they could get the job done right in the 10-day timeframe we gave them.” – Kevin Potts, Director of Business Development, R2W, Inc.

Imaging Advantage

“Premier Mounts has always provided us with great customer service and quick delivery. We faced a very tight deadline, but the LMV was easy to install and the spacer made it simple to position each flat panel without having to measure space between each screen, which really helped us meet our deadline.” – Conrad Taylor, Project Consultant, Immedia Audio Visual Solutions

Robinson’s Brewery

“Premier Mounts was able to provide us with the perfect solution to mounting the mega-sized 80 in. Sharp display and help deliver a seamless installation for our client.” – Colin Etchells, Group, Technical Manager, Saville AV

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