There is an underlying theme in the audiovisual industry of innovation and creativity. As a company that is a member of that community, it is always our goal to bring forward-thinking thought leadership and fresh content to the industry regularly. That being said, it has officially been a month since the launch of the A/V industry’s first ever vlog from Premier Mounts! “The Peak” is a fun way for our team to interact with the A/V community and bring forth the latest happenings at Premier, as well as tradeshow action and industry news.

In Episode One of “The Peak,” Marketing Manager Curtis Rose and Assistant Communications Manager Brandon Breznick recap all of the excitement from 2018 which is no easy task, since last year was jam-packed with plenty of firsts.

Episode Two breaks down all there was to do and see on the CES 2019 show floor. Packed from wall to wall with the latest in technological advancements, we spent most of the time with picking our jaws up off the floor.

Our goal this year is to consistently provide engaging and interesting content for everyone in the audiovisual industry. The only thing we can’t promise? That our sports predictions are going to be entirely accurate… but we’ll see how the Superbowl plays out!

Is there something we aren’t talking about and should be? Let us know!
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