Recognized as the 2019 AVA Digital Awards Gold Winner for Video Production and over 15,000 views on YouTube, Premier Mounts latest product video “Introducing the Convergent Series” continues to inform the public and broader industry about the new revolutionary Convergent Series of LED mounting solutions.

The purpose behind this 30-second video was to give the world a glimpse of the extraordinary design and benefits of the product while keeping the integrity of the project at the center.

Designing this video was a multifaceted project that focused on translating the sleek, innovative, and direct solution of the Convergent into a cohesive video segment.

Key Factors of Design Concept

Many existing product videos in the industry have a similar look and feel that is more mechanical and does not showcase the product effectively. Premier Mounts’s goal was to tell the story of the ingenious design of Convergent that is simple, yet powerful. Since few people read lengthy product descriptions, the purpose of this video is to capture the viewer’s attention through the use of 3D animation to create and directly highlight the elegance and innovation of Convergent. A team of forward-thinking and creative individuals came together to create and execute an award-winning video production.

Setting the Stage

The Convergent story is about technology, breakthrough design, and a rare characteristic in the mounting industry: elegance. When creating a storyboard for this video, those three concepts were some of the most important aspects to incorporate. The storyboard was based on targeting the most critical parts of each benefit/design to highlight throughout the duration of the video, which included built-in adjustment mounting points, design versatility, simplicity of assembling, and achievement of perfect x-y-z alignment. Premier Mounts wanted to include the benefits and design to provide examples of environments where this product can be valuable and impactful.

Power in the Presentation

To convey to a broad audience the capabilities of Convergent, there was a necessity for a streamlined presentation. After developing the storyboard and establishing a direction for animation, the Premier Mounts team could then focus on additional sensory details of the project. The music selection for the video was carefully done to reflect the high-tech product and sleek design. Premier Mounts took into account the importance of transitions and simplicity in terms of copy and timing. While working closely with 48 West Agency’s creators, the team fine-tuned the technical effects and presentation and executed precise “separation” of parts to show the simplicity of the ingenious design of Convergent.

A major aspect of the success of this video is the complex demonstration of the adjustable panel system. In a 3D video presentation, this product comes to life on screen and enables people to visually relate to the mount and understand what its capabilities are through animation. Leveraging the power of 3D digital presentation demonstrated all angles, images, and overt functionality which 2D presentations cannot fully achieve.

Finished Project

After countless weeks of brainstorming, storyboarding and collaboration, the product video had achieved the overall project goals. With clear copy incorporated into keyframes, music that catered to the entire theme of the project, and live action video displaying the capabilities of the mount, Premier Mounts successfully created the Convergent product video. Premier Mounts is proud of the success and positive recognition this video has received. The Convergent video is parallel in both complexity and simplicity as Premier Mounts works to bring complex visual structures to life.

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