The current constructs of the AV industry demand constant innovation and advancement. At Premier Mounts our team is dedicated to creating solutions that tackle obstacles within the world of AV. Spreading these ideas entails collaboration and innovation across all teams, especially marketing. To ensure that the broader AV industry is aware of these forward focused solutions, our team employs a two-tiered approach that underscores the importance of impactful ideas and intentional leadership.

Powerful Ideas & Purposeful Marketing

The marketing team functions under the strategic leadership of Marketing Director, Curtis Rose. With years of experience in marketing and branding, Curtis and the marketing team are carving a unique path to ensure that Premier Mounts is being recognized for innovation and quality. With new products such as Convergent emerging within the global AV industry, the overall goal for Premier Mounts is to continue developing cutting-edge solutions. Premier Mounts is focused on future technology trends, especially for direct-view LED displays and the marketing goals are set to reflect this development process. When asked about the marketing goals Curtis explains that Premier Mounts “operates in a very calculated and methodical way and our tactical campaigns can be used across a wide variety of products”.

As new products develop within the company so does the vision for Premier Mounts. From a marketing perspective, the vision Curtis has for this year was to begin to really shake up the industry causing them to take notice of the Premier Mounts brand. Starting the industry’s first vlog, focusing on value-adds for integrators and developing strong digital and social foundations are all goals for this year that are evolving day by day. Each industry first continues to emphasize how Premier Mounts is bringing groundbreaking ideas to the forefront of the AV industry. “There are some incredible things coming in 2020 and beyond that will continue to change the industry’s view of what marketing is, but also working with integrators to bring them more value. Keep an eye out.” adds Curtis when discussing the vision for the future of Premier Mounts.

When asked what he enjoys most about his leadership role within Premier Mounts, Curtis describes his experience as being people-centered. “Hands down it’s the people I work with. Being able to play an active role in guiding the future of the company and helping to develop a company culture that affects everyone, every day. I always say that we see and spend more time with our co-workers than we see our families at home so it’s important to love the people you work with. Helping cultivate a culture where we see each other as a family creates lifelong relationships, higher levels of satisfaction and overall better work performance.” The level of community and support that runs through each department sets Premier Mounts apart not only for the employees, but for the customers that get to experience the results of a cohesive work environment.

Sharing Premier Mounts’ vision isn’t simply done in the office but expands to the industry through trade shows and customer interactions. Since trade shows are such an integral part of the marketing strategy, it is necessary that the marketing approach works to benefit the whole company. Tradeshows are critical to success because they provide Premier Mounts with an opportunity to showcase new solutions to the world and generate a buzz in the industry. Curtis explains why Premier Mounts participates in over 50 shows per year. “When we exhibit, we are building brand awareness and relationships with new and old customers. As much as our business world has moved to digital means of communications, nothing beats seeing and meeting people face to face as well as being able to touch and see new products. Our brains are wired for human interaction. It builds trust and respect which makes it easier to do business and ultimately grows sales and produces strong ROI from the shows”.

With intentional leadership and employee dedication, the marketing goals for Premier Mounts are sure to exceed expectations and continue to present the best quality products throughout the industry.

Picture Perfect Messaging – Understanding Design and Social Media  

Under the umbrella of marketing, lead graphic designer, Stephanie Wolfe works to create appealing and contextually relevant designs that demand attention and embody the goals of Premier Mounts messaging. Both internal and external marketing involves creating imagery that sends a clear message. When asked about the goals for Premier mounts internal marketing designs, Stephanie shares that “the main goal is to create a positive company culture by keeping the team informed, motivated and excited about what’s happening at Premier Mounts.” Each piece of content is designed to encourage engagement and spark interest within the reader. Each month the marketing team highlights employees for their accomplishments, celebrates birthdays and shares the latest company news so everyone at Premier Mounts can stay up to date and involved with what’s going on.

In contrast to internal marketing, external marketing strategies are designed to build brand awareness and establish Premier Mounts as a leader in AV mounting solutions. The team strives to create a strong digital presence by consistently generating captivating content for our audience to engage with. “Each piece of content is created using a modern approach to design to convey the message in a way that is bold, easy to read, and visually appealing,” says Stephanie.

The design is all about being recognized and what makes Premier Mounts stand out is the readability and clean compositions of each asset. Stephanie says that “bold images and text that are easily digested by the reader allow Premier Mounts to catch their attention within seconds.” This type of attention-grabbing marketing is a key component of Premier Mounts success.

When asked where she finds inspiration, Stephanie explains that she pulls from everywhere. “Some of my favorite sources of inspiration are design books, museums, publications, etc. for visual inspiration. I also use word listing as a method of brainstorming. Writing down ideas allows your train of thought to flow without worrying about forgetting a concept or idea. Curating a list of keywords is so important because it allows you to source more meaningful images, graphics, and text to capture your audience’s attention.”

Stephanie says that her favorite part about working at Premier Mounts is the people. “I love working with each department to support their team with their marketing and design needs. It is so rewarding to see when my designs help others succeed whether it be an internal or external project. I am also always working on different types of projects, which is awesome because there is always something new and exciting to tackle.”

In a saturated media focused world, Premier Mounts marketing team not only focuses on stand out designs but also stand out social platforms. Premier Mounts marketing coordinator, Yolena Ramirez, works to differentiate Premier Mounts by providing engaging posts about the AV industry and current business. The goal of social media is to stay relevant during real-time events and conversations through all social platforms. Yolena works on audience engagement on social platforms by providing content that is entertaining yet relevant to the industry. For example, on Twitter every Friday Premier shares posts about AV projects by other companies/organizations around the world that inspire the Premier Mounts teams. This content is very engaging to viewers and can also inspire or catch their attention.

It is important to keep an ongoing conversation through social platforms to keep engagements striving.

When asked about her goals when it comes to social media, Yolena explains that she is currently focused on building consistency on all social platforms and developing content pieces that captivate audiences. “I am constantly brainstorming, thinking and planning new ideas for content. Content exists in so many forms whether its video, written or images and we utilize them all to ensure we are speaking our audience’s language.” says Yolena.

She believes that this content paired with social media is such an important part of business today. “Interacting and building relationships with our partners and customers in an authentic way through conversation is key to our customer strategy. Social media is another avenue to do this and we also help our customers leverage their social platforms by serving as advisors and providing them content,” says Yolena.

People Motivate People

A team is only as successful as the surrounding environment. At Premier Mounts our team members encourage one another to achieve career goals. When one employee’s goals are met, everyone in the company succeeds. Our marketing team is just one facet within the multiple components involved in Premier Mounts success. With our eyes turned towards the future of the AV industry we are more motivated than ever to make innovative breakthroughs and leverage intentional leadership