How does a commodity become a scarcity in a little amount of time? In the business cycle, there is usually an order of operations that follows when something once heralded as the best becomes duplicated and replicated and eventually loses its luster. This often happens when competitors look at one another to maintain a competitive advantage and lower costs to better position their business in both the short and long term.

Once the best in its class, American based manufacturing has become something of a lost art over the last several decades. Goods that were designed, engineered, and manufactured in America were coveted by nations across international waters and were often marked up in other countries because of the commitment to quality and excellence that the goods possessed.

In today’s modern age, the shift in manufacturing operations to overseas entities has been a primary focus amongst many manufacturing companies. The cost of keeping operations in-house was simply just too expensive compared to shifting operations overseas. The extra cash that is pocketed is usually repurposed into other departments to help grow their strength for sales and general administrative costs.  At first glance, this savings in cost initially can prove to have a tremendous impact on an organization. More people can be hired, marketing efforts can be enhanced, and facilities can be upgraded with the money saved from moving overseas.

However, every company should heed warning to the short-term benefits, and look towards what may happen in the long term when manufacturing overseas. What happens is that there is a loss of quality and integrity within foreign-based manufacturing. Communication must be elevated, and any lapse in a misread email or missed call can result in disastrous circumstances. When quality and logistics of overseas manufacturing struggles, your customers at home suffer the most. Missed shipments and broken goods will be the reputation being built in the long term, and a company’s overall brand suffers tremendously.

At Premier Mounts we pride ourselves on 41 years of American based manufacturing and assembly. Our team holds complete control over the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and shipment of the top mounting solutions in the industry. Having complete control from start to finish not only ensures the quality of goods that come off the manufacturing line, but it also allows for flexibility to go outside of the box and design custom based solutions that seamlessly fit into the bigger puzzle of a large-scale AV installation.

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