When collaboration meets AV, the solutions are endless, but people should always be willing to use the best technology in order to further the advancement of their creative ideas. When working with your team, the Samsung Flip digital flipchart becomes a key component. This interactive touchscreen display allows for advanced note-taking and digital drawing while still incorporating import and export features that save your work to other computers for future meetings and discussions.

When a solution so advanced comes to market, there is obvious fanfare and interest from consumers. As a valued partner of Samsung, the Premier Mounts team created accessory hardware to support the display and give users the most functionality when using the Flip. By taking some of our most innovating legacy mounting solutions, we were able to make adjustments and deliver three different solutions that will help the Samsung Flip integrate into classrooms at technologically advanced universities and help leaders lead their company’s vision within the confines corporate boardrooms.

With corporate boardrooms and meeting huddle rooms in mind, the RFM-FLIP was created. When positioned in the front of a boardroom, the display will likely champion future discussions that will take place for the advancement of business. The RFM-FLIP supports the weight of the interactive flipchart and ensures that it is firmly mounted onto the wall space. With user interface being a major priority of the display itself, Premier Mounts wanted to encapsulate Samsung’s unique offerings by providing a mounting feature that is unique in itself. The RFM-FLIP sits on an interface bar and adapter plate which allows for a smooth 90° of rotation that can take the content on the digital flipchart from portrait to landscape. This simple switch in orientation allows for users to write notes anywhere when they receive a rush of creative insight while still allowing for meeting participants to see presentations and ideas in a flipped perspective.

As every professional knows, collaboration cannot be limited to one room. The need to take interactive technology from room to room is something that cannot be easily replicated due to complex wiring or internet connectivity needed. When your display integrates seamlessly with internal wireless internet connectivity and a lone cable for power connectivity, mobility becomes an option. That mobility can be driven by the PSD-BW60FP. The mobile stand’s BW-BASE allows for nesting multiple carts in tight spaces and easily maneuvering through door frames. In addition, this includes dual poles that vary from 60” to 84”, and a modified RTM mount that locks rotation to 90° for a quick landscape to portrait transition. By incorporating unique elements within the mounting solution, the Samsung Flip is given the mobility to flourish amongst its users.

Safety of these advanced displays is also a concern for consumers. A mounting solution was needed that allowed for the display to stand freely at the focal point of the room while still ensuring that it would not move or fall when interacted with. To create a floor stand that is low profile while still achieving structural support, the TS-BASE from Premier Mounts was used. Its sleek profile allows for the base to be slid underneath carpets and out of sight and distributed weight allows for it to sit firmly in place. With sturdy support, users can maximize the +10°/-35° of manual tilt to create an easy digital canvas. Using the PSD-TS60FP mounting solution kit, your digital flipchart can be positioned in an area that culminates in creative activity while eliminating risky accidents around sensitive technology.

Our team at Premier Mounts partners with display manufacturers, like Samsung, to create turn-key solutions that fit specific needs for personalized integration. Offering products that forever change the way displays are mounted is part of our 40-year history and will be a part of our future as we continue to meet the needs of game-changing digital displays.

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