1. Connecting with Future AV Professionals

The industry is changing as more professionals move out of their longstanding roles. New opportunities are arising everyday for young professionals to enter the industry and bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to future designs. Premier Mounts is proud to be the executive sponsor for the Youth in AV council’s reception at InfoComm. At this event, the brightest young minds can come together from their various backgrounds and network amongst one another. If you are a young professional, please come visit us at the AVIXA booth on Thursday, June 13th, and do not forget to bring your business cards.

2. LED Video Wall Construction Training

On both June 12th and June 13th, Mike Johnson, our Installation Project Manager will be educating CTS holders on the essential points involving video wall construction. From his background in general contracting and working to install some of the largest continuous digital displays in the world, Mike has seen tons of different variables on job sites and has learned how to tackle the biggest challenges. Learn from a seasoned veteran of video wall installations and earn some RU credit for your participation!

3. Understanding the eSports Vertical for AV

When there is a $1 billion plus vertical that demands AV and experiential solutions, why ignore it? eSports, for those who are unfamiliar, is professional video game competitions that are beginning to sprout up in major cities across the globe. These ecosystems are highly technical event venues that need integrated systems to make impacts on its viewers. Two members of our marketing team, Curtis Rose and Brandon Breznick have studied the eSports realm over the last year and deliver their findings on how integrators, installers, and manufacturers can get involved with venues of the future.

4. Our VIP Event for our Partners!

The one defining thing that sets Premier Mounts apart from any manufacturer comes down to one word. People. Our people are a huge basis of what we strive for year after year. Without them, we would definitely not be where we are today. Customers and clients have often mentioned that we tend to stand out above the rest because of our acute attention to detail and for that, it is time we give back. Premier Mounts will be having a casual event centered around spending quality time with our customers. We believe that a night spent with friends, foods, and drinks is the best way to connect with those we rarely often see. If you’re interested in coming and connecting with the Premier Mounts team on Wednesday evening, give your account manager a call and they can give you the details.

5. Products: Mixing Stability with Innovation

Premier Mounts has been a figure in the AV industry since the 1970s. Since the inception of our company, we aim to deliver the best solutions possible. At InfoComm we will be showcasing products deep in our lineage that have shaped the AV frontier such as the LMV and some of our dual-pole carts and stands. While these products have made our history, there are products that are going to be shown that will also be a definite depiction of our future. Our October launch for Convergent, our bracket LED video wall mount, has shown that direct-view and mircoLED are a future fixture for the industry. We have continuously improved on this award-winning design and are excited to showcase it in Orlando this year.