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Featured Product: the FPS-300

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Meet this week’s Featured Product: the FPS-300 Flat-Panel Slider mount. The FPS-300 provides a simple stationary or mobile wall mounted unit utilizing an 18-inch range of a motorized lifting and lowering system. A great option for educational use in the classroom or training and information sessions, the flat-panel mount uses steel channels to mount the display over the top of a whiteboard. The mount easily glides the display across the whiteboard and rolls the display into place, creating endless possibilities as an interactive and mobile teaching tool.

The FPS-300 can accommodate up to 250 lb.. and includes 8 feet of track, with unlimited layout capacity to expand to any desired length for ultimate horizontal versatility. Height adjustments are made simple with motorized vertical mobility, creating the ideal set-up for classrooms of any size and layout, as well as useful for instructor height adjustments. Once set in the desired position, the FPS-300 locks into place to the rear of the mount for ease and security.

The FPS-300 features VESA mounting patterns for versatility and convenient integrated cable management included in the structure, serving as an interactive and useful display tool in place of classroom projectors. In 2012, the FPS-300 was a heavy hitter at rAVe’s InfoComm show, taking home the rAVe’s 2012 Best of InfoComm Award and wowing judges at the show. This innovative display is grabbing attention across the globe, changing the way we see classroom display setup. As with all mobility-featured products, we recommend watching this mount in action for optimal “Wow Factor.” For a video demonstration, check out the FPS-300 on our YouTube Page, or click to its product page for a collection of FAQs and videos.

FPS-300 Flat-Panel Mount

FPS-300 Flat-Panel LCD Slider Mount