The Convergent series revolutionizes direct-view LED mounting solutions and has the ability to transform into an endless number of configurations through its modular design. This brand-new modular system is designed for all major display manufacturers. By utilizing a lightweight bracket system, videowalls can start as small as 2×2 and increase to unlimited width or height making the possibilities for creativity endless. As a customizable solution, the Convergent series doubles as an instantly available on-the-shelf product, underscoring the importance of customization, installation, and flexibility.

Unlike anything else in the industry, Convergent provides a direct “in-stock” solution for LED mounting. Typically, custom LED mounting solutions can take anywhere from 1-2 months to ship, but Convergent blows that out of the water by being readily available, with a turnaround time of just 48 hours with no deposit required.

Along with overcoming time constraints, Convergent tackles current installation challenges with 5/8 inches of Z alignment making complex LED video wall projects easier to install. Using mounts with that much adjustability allows installers to ensure that all LED cabinets are aligned to create a seamless display that solves the problem of wall unevenness. The flexibility of this product saves time for installation and money for the customer.

So, what’s in it for you? Convergent represents excellence in product innovation because of the ability to meet the needs of the customer, manufacturer, installer, and AV industry. Convergent encompasses innovation because it is designed with the intention of overcoming industry obstacles, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately furthering the utility of LED mounting solutions. The unique Convergent Series of LED mounts is paving the way for innovation within the A/V mounting solutions industry. At the core, Convergent mounts redefine modular customization and form a product compatible with all LED displays.

“The ability to have flexibility and adjustment in more parts of the mount gives us the best possible outcome. It saves us time, saves us and the customer money, and it is in small components as opposed to heavy metal frames.”

-Michael Johnson, Installation Manager