Small businesses are always looking for their next opportunity to grow. From serving meals, manufacturing innovative products, or offering business services, there are many ways that small businesses help their communities. Digital signage may be one critical aspect that is often overlooked which could help companies start to expand.


One of the biggest challenges that restaurants face is a way to visually convey their menu options to their customers. In thinking about a traditional menu, there is only so much paper space that is available to not only show images of the food, but also the ingredients within them. Another big problem that restaurants may face is that seasonal menus tend to change constantly and printing new menus every few months could be limiting to the restaurant’s cash flow.

A solution to the problems listed could be the transition to a digital menu board system. A digital menu board is a set of linear displays that can be programmed with content that best showcases food visually for customers to choose from for meal options. The best part of digital signage is that the food choices do not have to be static. A customer would be more appealed to try a burger when seeing steam stemming from the top of the buns as opposed to a plain and unappetizing still image.

Pizza hut is a great example of a business implementing digital signage inside of their restaurants. As menu options change, they have the ability to change content on the screen through graphic design or videography software.

Medical and Dental Services

Health services are a huge factor in their local communities. Doctors and dentists work hand-in-hand to provide quality care to children and adults who have ailments that need tending to. Office spaces can always be filled with patients waiting for their appointment times thus causing an anxious feeling for anyone within the office, especially younger children. Digital signage may be the cure-all feature that could help ease some of the symptoms that doctors face in owning their own practice.

One great way that doctors could leverage digital signage would be through placing a digital display in their lobby that shows appointment times for patients. When an individual checks in at the front desk, they are shown their status, approximate wait time, and which physician will be helping them. This could help ease restlessness among visitors and make them feel like they are a priority instead of just another case. Doctors could also create content and showcase it on their digital signage that can help spread knowledge to their patients. For example, a dentist can create a video featuring themselves that discusses the proper methods of flossing that can be played throughout the lobby.

Retail Shops

Retail is often one of the biggest beneficiaries of digital signage solutions but there has only been widespread adoption within the larger companies in retail. High-resolution graphics and detailed product videos can be showcased to help boost the stores sales. Sales messaging can be played to let customers know that their favorite goods have had their prices lowered thus prompting a purchase.

Take Nebraska Furniture Mart as an example, their digital experience begins the moment customers walk through the entrance to find the first of 17 interactive displays mounted to pillars throughout the store, each using a partially custom mounting solution from Premier Mounts.

Smaller retailers can benefit the same method by taking a small upfront cost in investing in digital displays to best spread their marketing messages. While a TV cannot be properly mounted in front of a glass window, there are other options. Using a floor stand, like our CS72- 2MS2, allows shoppers to stay informed with what’s going on inside the store. By constantly rotating what products are available for sale, these shoppers can also see the wide offering a retailer might have for sale. Digital signage also helps boost the store’s brand awareness through showcasing logos and color schemes that may appeal to the buyer as well. All of these elements are put into place to help convert people into becoming regular customers.