Top 5 Things AV Companies Should Prioritize in 2021

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year and many within the AV community have felt the repercussions of how a global pandemic can disrupt the supply and demand of technology products and services. Everyone is wishing and hoping that the COVID-19 virus starts to pass and advancements in medical technologies are made to stop the spread, but what happens if it takes longer than expected? What will we do in 2021 that allows for us to keep our businesses safe while still allowing for safer execution of projects? We have decided to highlight the top five things that all AV companies should prioritize going into the new year.

  1. Long Time Customers – In the current environment, customers that we have talked to for years may have all of a sudden gone radio silent. Their ambitious plans that you talked with them about during discovery calls have pivoted as their clients have changed their plans and have relied less on installing integrated systems. While some customers may need to take time to rebound, more than likely there are still customers who are placing orders regardless, albeit at probably a smaller scale than average. Focus on developing more interaction with these groups of customers and maybe add some flexibility to their current buying cycle. It may be enough for them to capitalize on better margins or turnaround times that will keep their businesses steady during tough times. More than likely it will also be something they would be incredibly grateful for and something that would be hard for them to forget.
  2. Internal Employees – Unfortunately the reoccurring headline in the news for the past few months has been circulating around unemployment and how companies are cutting staff to keep the business going. Companies have been forced to shutdown their doors and drain savings accounts in order to keep operations running. If you are able to keep most of your staff on hand, let them know how much you value them. Allow for yourself to be flexible to their schedules as the world changes. When you as an employer are able to provide a feeling of safety for your key members, they will work hard and stay loyal as things begin to uptick.
  3. Education and Training – I would bet that a small majority of people within multiple departments at AV related companies are currently up to date with certification and trainings that are needed to maximize their skillsets. Often times day to day operations will take precedent to education and training because they face short deadlines that need to be met. On days where project volume is thin, supplement your days with training. This could be from your installers gaining CTS certifications, to marketing and sales getting accreditation for digital marketing and sales training. Conducting trainings of your own may be a great way to connect with people seeking more information about your services. This ensures that you can have a strong recovery in both the short and long term.
  4. New Opportunities – How do you allow for yourselves to stand out? Are there opportunities in certain areas where you can make a large impact in? Whether it is a new business venture or developing a new product, now is the time to put bright minds together to identify trends that will set your business up for the future. For example, here at Premier Mounts we identified the market’s need for large-format LCD displays and created the LFC carts and LMVLF solutions to best serve those projects.
  5. Partnerships – We all have faced similar struggles businesswise, so a recommended point of focus for 2021 should be looking into new strategic partners you can bring aboard to help navigate through rough waters. A business partnership is defined by multiple organizations who look to mutually benefit each other through products or services. This can mean working together with different manufacturers to create turnkey solutions or working with other installers to go in on larger projects where they may need additional expertise.

Are you looking for training opportunities for your team or partner with Premier Mounts on your next opportunity? Our team of dedicated experts is available to help you with your hardest audiovisual projects. Give us a call or contact us here!