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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Premier Mounts at ISE

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Top 3 Reasons to Visit Premier Mounts at ISE

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is known throughout the professional audio-visual industry as the hottest show of the year in terms of product launches, keynote discussions, and networking on a global scale. With over 80,000 registered attendees, this show brings all the biggest technological advancements from the world’s largest manufacturers under one single roof. Brands like Samsung, Crestron, LG, Barco, and Vogel’s will dominate the floor showcasing their pieces to the overall puzzle involved with systems integration. Over the four days when the exhibit hall is open, there will be a ton of things to take in and see.

For the first time in 7 years, Premier Mounts has decided to make the journey 5546 miles from Corona to Amsterdam to exhibit at this year’s show. Of course, we would not be taking this trip if we did not have something exciting to showcase on a global scale. Here are the top three things to see at the Premier Mounts booth all throughout ISE.

  1. The Global Debut of the Convergent Series – The intercontinental trip will take our award-winning solution to the masses who congregate in Amsterdam to see the future products involved in A/V design. The reception of the Convergent has been well received by our integrator and manufacturer partners and the feedback makes us confident that people around the globe could very well use this solution.
  2. How LED Video Walls Come Together – The naming behind the Convergent series is based on the word “Converge.” Cabinets that hold delicate LED modules need to converge together to create displays that make the biggest impact. Premier Mounts will showcase Convergent solutions that eliminate seams throughout a structure. Learn how our manufacturing process dials mounting patterns down to the precise millimeter for brands such as Samsung, Planar, Absen, and Unilumin. We will be running a live video wall so integrators can envision how their projects of the future can come together quicker, cheaper, and stronger than ever before.
  3. Free Refreshments Throughout the Show – Come and stop by hall 10, booth N150 at any time to chill out and grab some snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day! Some of our offerings include coffee and donuts Wednesday morning and free beer from 2-3 PM Tuesday through Thursday. Come connect with our marketing manager, engineering manager, and company CEO Len Dozier to see what Premier Mounts can provide for your next game-changing project!
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