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Top 10 Things We Loved About Infocomm 2019

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Top 10 Things We Loved About Infocomm 2019

It comes as no surprise when we say that our favorite thing about InfoComm 2019 is roaming the halls and discovering the new innovative technology in our industry. So let’s take a peek at our highlighted attractions, products and events here in our top 10 things we loved about InfoComm 2019!

1. 8K is In!
Our team was astonished by the clarity of 8K Micro LEDs! Now that 4K has become common, 8K Video walls, Monitors and LED displays begin to emerge. Enormous high resolution video walls produce eye-opening vibrant colors and a captivating viewer experience. These premium modular designs include Samsung’s The Wall Luxury, Sony’s cLed Crystal series and LG’s 8K Micro Series just to name a few.

2. The Dual Sided Digital Signage
One of our favorite booths at InfoComm 2019 had to be Samsung. We are impressed by their latest product: The OMN-D. This innovative product is a dual sided window display which is mounted to the ceiling or floor enhancing the digital signage in retail stores. The outdoor facing screen has a high brightness panel designed to show a clear picture in sunlight while the indoor facing screen shows a high contrast screen for wildly vivid colors. Samsung had several 46″ and 55″ OMN-Ds in the booth running video on each side featuring retail content from coffee to clothing. Premier Mounts is proud to offer a versatile all in one mounting solution to the OMN-D with our PFC-OMND

3. Bart Kresa’s Sviatovid
Our next notable feature of InfoComm was Bart Kresa, a timeless artist who uses industry-leading projectors to develop unique projected environments. Bart Kresa is a Master Projection Designer who works in large-scale projection mapping. Bart has over 25 years of industry experience in developing engaging laser projections like the latest masterpiece, “Sviatovid” a 360-degree fiberglass sculpture illuminated with 4 Panasonic 30,000lm 4K Projectors. Sviatovid was located in the west building hall of InfoComm19 and will continue to tour shows in the industry.

4. AVIXA Foundation 5K Walk/Run Fundraiser
AVIXA’s mission is to provide access to quality skills education, builds career pathways, and encourages valuable hands-on experiences to inspire the next generation of leaders in the audiovisual  industry. With programs and fundraisers in place to spread awareness of the potential careers in AV, AVIXA hosted a 5K Run/Walk fundraiser to support the growth of the non-profit foundation. The turn out of the 5K Walk/Run was a huge success as events like this enable AVIXA to continue investing in the next generation that will someday run AV.

5. AVIXA’s Annual Young AV Professionals Reception
The AVIXA’s Annual Young AV Professionals Reception had to be one of our favorites to attend. This reception gave our team the opportunity to meet and network with other aspiring AV professionals. Networking among new and young individuals is important to strengthen our community and create future opportunity like collaborations, partnerships and other growth in our industry.

6. Twitter Annual Tweetup
Another highlight would be InfoComm’s Annual Tweetup where around 150 active social media posters in the industry had the opportunity to meet with those they may have only previously networked with through various platforms. The meetup featured great food and drinks and focused on socializing with current friends and meeting new contacts as well. The Annual Tweetup gave our team the chance to represent our social presence within the community.

7. AV Influencers Unite
We want to give a huge shout out to Starin’s Basecamp who collaborated with LiveU and PTZ Optics to create a studio space for AV influencers and companies. Influencers were able to use this space to meet and discuss unique InfoComm centered content. Premier Mounts had the opportunity to utilize this space and team up with AV influencers like Alesia Hendley and Tammuz Dobnov to discuss various topics in AV.

8. An Abundance of CTS Credited Courses
We were very grateful that AVIXA hosted several three-day courses at InfoComm. CTS Prep courses help professionals learn the fundamental steps from AV from industry experts. After you proceed from prep courses you have access specified fields such as the new Audio Essentials course offered. The courses were a great resource for anyone accumulating required credits and preparing to pass their CTS exam.

9. The Rise of eSports
Premier Mounts hosted an eSports seminar during InfoComm19 to bring attention to the large scale of opportunities in the AV aspect of eSports. New arenas designed for eSports tournaments provide a plentiful market for custom AV solutions such as dvLED videowalls, broadcasting studios and integrated audio systems.

10. WAVE: WomeninAV
We are incredibly proud of the growth and engagement that WAVE: WomeninAV has seen in the last couple of years. It is amazing to see Women in AV establish a network of activism and continue to diversify our industry by inspiring and mentoring women to pursue careers in the AV industry. You can get plugged in with WAVE through twitter @WomeninAV