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The Peak: October Vlog Recap

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The Peak: October Vlog Recap

It’s time for another visit to the top of the [mount]ain. This month, our Vlogs are a helpful resource to understand and learn more about digital signage and the importance of being connected! Our Vlog is officially on a roll as we continue to post biweekly, so be on the lookout for the next episode of “The Peak!”

In Episode #20 of The Peak, Elijah and Brandon give a recap of their 2019 TwitchCon experience. Our team noticed three ways where the Pro AV world has been implemented into the Twitch culture. Twitch is a platform designed for live streaming content. This mainly consists of gaming but also includes real time chatting, podcasts, music production, creative arts, cooking and much more!

Next we have The Peak Episode #21 Product Riddle Challenge, Elijah and Brandon challenge each other to a product knowledge riddle game. Each player needs to write a riddle describing a Premier Mounts product and the other needs to guess what that product could be! The stakes have never been higher as loser has to buy lunch.

Our goal this year is to consistently provide engaging and interesting resources for everyone in the audiovisual industry. Is there something we aren’t talking about and should be? Let us know!