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Solution Flash: Custom LCD VideoWall For Maximum Engagement

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Solution Flash: Custom LCD VideoWall For Maximum Engagement


Headquartered in Dallas Texas, Dave & Buster’s is THE place to eat, drink, play, and watch sports all under one roof. Their mission is to be their “Guest’s first choice for frequent fun through the best combination of the latest and greatest games, ultimate sports-viewing, extraordinary food and remarkable drinks.” If you have every been to one before, you know why they have grown and become so successful. It’s so much fun and the food is fantastic. At their core they just can’t help entertaining guests and showing them a great time. Their goal?  100% guest satisfaction. It is having passion, pride, and drive that makes the difference and keeps them on the search for new and better ways to entertain.  That’s why they wanted to upgrade their customer experience at the bar area by adding more screens. With an emphasis on the sports viewing aspect of the experience, this would provide an impact for those not out and about playing games. In a sense, something for everyone in the family.

New Dave & Buster's bar/restaurant/arcade scheduled to open in Torrance Del Amo Fashion Center Monday June 11, 2018. Sports bar seating area. (Photo by Robert Casillas, Contributing Photographer)


The challenge was that the bar and videowall structure above the bar needed to really leave an impact on guests. This videowall wall couldn’t be a standard aligned wall because it would be suspended in the air and need tilt to optimize the viewing angle. The mount had to be strong, adjustable, yet inconspicuous with a minimum of distractions such as gaps and exposed wiring.


Impact being the word of the day, it was decided to create a dual-sided video wall experience that could not be missed. There would be four 70” Sharp LCD displays across the top of each side with five 55” NEC LCD displays across the bottom as well as 55” NEC LCD displays on each end caps. To house a complex videowall such as this, Premier Mounts created a custom back to back dual linear videowall frame system to accommodate both the Sharp 70” displays on the top row but also the NEC 55” displays on the bottom row and on the end caps. Both the top and bottom rows of displays were tilted at the same angle with a range of 0-15 degrees for the best viewing angles. The entire system was suspended from the ceiling via AST2446-2-2 adjustable height ceiling adapters. To finish off the look, custom videowall gap filler panels were incorporated to eliminate the gaps between the displays.

In the end, D&B got an amazing solution that took customer engagement to a whole new level.