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Premier Mounts Strengthens Industry Standards with Installation Training Classes 

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Premier Mounts Strengthens Industry Standards with Installation Training Classes 

Every installer must pay attention to detail, organization, and have immense knowledge of hardware and the installation process. To further the AV industry’s knowledge about installation and equip installers with necessary skills, Premier Mounts offers two-day installation training courses at their headquarters in Corona, California that educates integrators and installers about the framework of video wall construction. Education is a key component of advancements, and this bi-weekly training course allows further advancements for installation partners through in-depth training and insightful tools when working on high-scale AV jobs. Individuals have the opportunity to become a certified Premier Mounts installer. As a certified installer, teams can gain valuable product knowledge along with an opportunity to receive 8 RU credits that can be used for AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification.

Premier Mounts Installation Project Manager, Mike Johnson, runs and directs the installation training courses. Since 2017, Mike has worked tirelessly to be onsite with our partners to ensure that installation of all engineered solutions goes as smoothly as possible. “Building our network of installation partners allows us to deliver Premier Mounts solutions faster than ever before,” says Mike. From his on-site experience, Mike can communicate critical steps of the installation process that may not be immediately considered upon the project’s early stages. Each training course presents an opportunity to advance industry knowledge, skills, and proven installation techniques.


During each two-day course, installers are trained on proper methods for various mounting solutions including those used for LCD and LED video walls. Although travel to Corona, CA is not included, lodging and meals are provided by the Premier Mounts team. By the end of the course, installers will be properly trained certified partners and will be able to capitalize on the direct-view LED video wall market which has reflected continuous growth over the years. Attendees will learn:

  • How to safely and properly install mounting solutions and hardware
  • The most effective tools and equipment that should be in your toolbox
  • Combating uneven wall surfaces with pre and post installation alignment
  • Creating seamless, scalable LED video walls
  • The many options that the Premier Mounts support teams can provide


 The turnout and feedback from the training classes have been resoundingly positive and our team is proud to be making such an impact in the industry. Countless installers have communicated the appreciation and unique experience these training courses have provided them with. Installer testimonials showcase just how much knowledge can be gained from attending a course of this caliber.

When asked about the overall training experience one attendee commented, “From the onset, the marketing intro was short, informative, and to the point. Going straight to hands-on training was also on point. Mike’s delivery and explanation were excellent. His brutal honesty was welcomed as it left no room for uncertainty. He made it clear and set expectations up front and patiently guided us through the training.” Another attendee described their experience as “hands-on”, highlighting the Premier Mounts approach and integrated training style. “I enjoyed the hands-on technical training from Premier Mounts. The product is very well engineered and allows the final installation of LED panels to be perfectly aligned.”

The goal of hosting installation training courses is to build relationships with partners and provide the industry with installers who are confident, knowledgeable, and capable of tackling high scale AV projects. “I can honestly say that after taking the training course, I feel confident to take on a job and be able to complete the highest quality installation for the client.”

Premier Mounts is dedicated to educating installers and enhancing skills within the industry. As these training courses continue to grow, our team encourages installers to take the next step in furthering their knowledge and confidence when it comes to the installation process.