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Premier Mounts is Dishing Out AV Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

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Premier Mounts is Dishing Out AV Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

Premier Mounts combines years of service with engaging solutions to provide the foodservice industry with AV excellence. Leveraging effective mounting solutions is a key component of incorporating AV technology into the restaurant space. Whether it be digital menu boards, interactive ordering kiosks, or dynamic entertainment solutions large scale video walls, customer-focused innovations ultimately improve durability and efficiency in the restaurant vertical.


Collaborative Solutions, Any Way You Slice It

digital signage pizza hutMaximizing restaurant technology to amplify the dining experience requires strategic planning and efficient installation of AV products. Most recently, Premier Mounts had the opportunity to partner with the dynamic menu board installer Embed Digital to deploy digital signage for one of the most iconic brands in the world — Pizza Hut. Premier Mounts was required to create a value-based solution to engage customers and bring Pizza Hut’s vision to life. To complete this extensive triple triangle array of 75” video screens on top and 65” video screens on the bottom, Premier Mounts relied on the SYM-IB-28B, 36B and 130B symmetry bars. SYM-DB-TB symmetry tilt brackets were used to accommodate different display sizes while still delivering the perfect viewing angles throughout the restaurant. In addition, the SYM-PA allowed several displays to be suspended from the ceiling to give a great presentation for different shows and games being played throughout the day. Other wall mounts including the P4263T and P4263TP were used for individual displays along with the AM175, where articulation and flexibility was necessary.

Collaboration between Premier Mounts, Embed Digital, and Pizza Hut made it possible to deliver an affordable and scalable impressive sports bar concept for the largest pizza franchise in the world.


Premier Mounts Products Proliferating the Restaurant Scene

AV Solutions RestaurantRestaurants across the country are utilizing the Premier Mounts UMB-DBT mount to maximize their menus with secure digital installations. The UMB series of mounts offer a unique design solution that relies on commercially-available channel strut hardware. The UMB is a “no assembly required” system which enables rapid installation and allows for a number of possible configurations. With the addition of the UMD-DBT digital menu board mount, simple installation is made possible for small business owners, integrators, and even large chain store owners. Created as a consumer-focused solution, the UMB series mounts allows digital displays to be positioned flat or tilted up to 15 degrees so consumers can view menu options in a clear and concise way. The UMB series mounts are a cost-effective and versatile solution, which allows restaurant landscapes to further focus on meeting the customer’s needs.


Greet Customers with Digital Signage

Customer experience begins far before a consumer steps foot in a restaurant. The PFC-OMND mount was designed to display content inside and outside window displays. Created as a free-standing solution for the Samsung OMN-D dual 46” & 55”, this all–in–one ceiling and floor mounted solution allows restaurants the opportunity to place double-sided digital signage anywhere they please. The PFC-OMND is engineered to allow for multiple screen center view height adjustments. Vinyl covers inside and out hide cables and mounting screws for a clean and finished look.

Bringing your business to the digital age means engaging customers with impactful digital displays during every point of the consumer journey. Premier Mounts solutions are focused on creating restaurant environments which strive to transform more than simple aesthetics by leveraging customer interactivity and versatility of AV systems in culinary concepts.