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Premier Mounts Dealer Series: Meet Troxell

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Premier Mounts Dealer Series: Meet Troxell

Premier Mounts Dealer Series: Meet Troxell

Maintaining strategic partnerships with our dealers is a focal point of Premier Mounts’ success. Our extensive list of partners allows our team to be hand-in-hand with some of the largest digital display rollouts across the A/V industry.

Partnerships That Work

At Premier Mounts one of our valued partners includes Troxell, whose main focus is to provide new technology to the K-12 marketplace. For over 13 years, Premier Mounts and Troxell have been collaborating to bring the highest-grade A/V collaboration solutions to educational institutions across the country.

Mark Barber, Senior VP of Sales at Troxell describes the company’s partnership with Premier Mounts as “making the system easy”. When asked how he would describe Premier as a business partner, Barber explains, “Premier is great at accommodating the customer and takes the extra step to do customized work when necessary.” Troxell approaches partnerships from a back-end system because smooth processes are important to keep the company running efficiently and on track. Barber explained that as a partner, “Premier is a good company to deal with. If there were any issues, I would know about them, and we never have issues.”

Premier Mounts is focused on systems running smoothly while also ensuring that partners stay educated through continuous training. In Mark Barber’s capacity as regional manager of the west, Premier held training for his team to strengthen the dealer’s knowledge and business partnership.

Premier Mounts is continuously gaining visibility in the industry and with the Troxell team. The partnership between Troxell and Premier enables both companies to work together in tackling customers AV needs. With heightened competition in the industry, Premier Mounts representatives understand the importance of having available options and being flexible to meet customer and dealer needs.

Project Collaboration

Troxell and Premier Mounts have collaborated on countless projects throughout their time working as partners. Troxell has completed large deployments and classroom renovations where Premier Mounts has accomplished over 1200-unit projects as a partner. Each project regardless of the complexity, is a challenge that Premier Mounts and Troxell take on together.

When choosing who to work with for installation projects Troxell focuses hugely on quality. Barber explains, “The main reason we would advise our customers to choose Premier Mounts for upcoming installations is because of the quality of their products.” Premier Mounts inventory has great value points, impeccable integration, and effective application. “We have never experienced back order and they have a positive way of working with you by explaining the good, better, and best options for all installations,” explains Barber.

Working efficiently with Premier Mounts and any manufacturer results in major benefits for any dealer. For Troxell, a direct relationship is rewarding because it allows for more involvement and interactions during quarterly business reviews. Mark Barber describes the relationship as “an opportunity to leverage better programs together.” Troxell representatives are paid on margin and when representatives have the ability to work directly with partners, they can enjoy great margins alongside great relationships. “Whenever we request for projects, Premier has always been very adaptable and flexible to work with,” explains Barber. Premier Mounts ability to meet dealers’ requests plays a key role in building successful dealer relationships.

Choosing Success

At Premier Mounts we take pride in our employee’s ability to connect with our partners and leave a lasting impression both personally and professionally. When asking Troxell about their experience working with Premier Mounts, Mark Barber stated “Everyone at Premier has been very active to better help understand the market. Personally, I love working with Tiffany Dozier, she is uniquely interested in both sides of the business.”