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Premier Mounts Dealer Series: Meet CCS Presentation Systems

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Premier Mounts Dealer Series: Meet CCS Presentation Systems

As technology continues to advance, Premier Mounts (PM) maintains its connection with dealers across the country through solid partnerships, knowledge transfer, and building upon industry standards. The partnership between PM and dealer CCS Presentation Systems (CCS) has evolved over the years and remained mutually beneficial on both sides of the business.

The main focus at CCS is the sale and integration of commercial AV components to a variety of verticals ranging from corporate, government, education, and houses of worship. CCS works uniquely with each vertical as they are broken down by local and state levels, K-12 education, higher learning, and other various industries including casinos.

Since 2010, PM and CCS established a dealer agreement to ensure a strong partnership and lasting foundation for business. The relationship between both companies began when Ron Anderson, who at the time was head of integration and technology for CCS, connected with PM for further collaboration. This newly formed bond impacted both companies in their efforts to better provide AV solutions to an advancing and demanding market.

Partnerships with Consistency

Heather Trenholm, the GSA (General Services Administration) contract specialist for CCS, currently plays a major role in maintaining a dealer relationship with PM. What makes any business partnership succeed is the level of effort from both parties. “As a business partner Premier Mounts is the best when it comes to attention to detail and their customer service is always fantastic,” says Trenholm when describing working with the PM team. “Each Premier Mounts product is designed specifically to target a market or vertical need and when working with dealers, our team always finds the best fit for product inquiries,” adds Trenholm. “I can jump on the Premier Mounts website at any time and always receive immediate service without prolonged wait time. The customer service is unmatchable and they are always eager to help,” says Trenholm.

PM is very proactive in educating dealers on the best possible products. This year PM has partnered with CCS to create a showcase room that will be open to customers and CCS employees. This showcase room is beneficial for installer and engineers because they are able to take a look at different mounting solutions and how it works to determine if PM is the best possible solution to their individual projects. “CCS has held countless open houses with all CCS clients and Premier Mounts has eagerly arrived to meet with clients and really dug their talons into incorporating a learning atmosphere,” says Trenholm.

Delivering Unmatchable Quality and Insight

Whether working directly with CCS or other customers, PM makes things happen because they are focused on the end goal and exact details for every project, including maintaining GSA standards. “Personally, I depend on Premier Mounts for the proper product selection,” says Trenholm. “I go to the Premier Mounts website and say hey Tiffany or Chris or Dale, I have Samsung or another brand and this is what I need,” continues Trenholm. PM team members are able to quickly download specs of requested products and promptly answer back with a product selection. Chris Greeley, PM’s regional sales manager for the north west is the go-to guy for big projects when there is a competitive pricing element. Tiffany Dozier, PM’s EVP of sales and Dale Crowe, regional sales manager for the east coast both demonstrates knowledge and dedication by consistently communicating policies and details on each project.

Recently, CCS worked with PM on an RFQ project which requires mobile display unit stands. The project had unique requirements, so CCS first reached to Chris Greeley and Tiffany Dozier and asked about the best approach to accommodate 60 units with each unit priced around $800. The process of finding the most suitable product began by Premier Mounts contacting their design and engineering department which resulted in the team developing a new product for the specific application. Heather Trenholm was able to present the end-user with a mock-up drawing of a product that PM had designed. Not only did PM create something entirely new but also provided the end-user and dealer with information showing potential tipping risks in the original product. “This type of service and education is above and beyond,” said Dozier. Ultimately, PM understands what end users are looking for and wants to make sure they are getting the highest quality products that best fit each project.

Being an advocate for high standards is something that PM takes pride in. They have fought for CCS to get onto the GSA schedule and that current competitors not on GSA contract were skewing pricing. “Since working with Premier Mounts, I have every Premier product except for 2 on my GSA contract and the fishy competitors were removed because of Premier Mounts action to reveal the best standards,” says Trenholm. “CCS continues to work with Premier Mounts because of the quality of products and the ease of obtaining our services. We aim to answer each and every question as promptly as possible with a seamless transition between each step of production,” adds Trenholm.

Direct Relationships Ensure Dealer Satisfaction

Dealer satisfaction and maintaining relationships begins with customer service that is immediate and transparent. The relationship between CCS and PM has evolved because of the representatives that go above and beyond to meet business needs. Each PM team member brings something unique to the table. One individual, in particular, is Chris Greeley, who CCS believes to be “a superstar at Premier Mounts”. When asked if anyone stands out within the company Heather Trenholm described Greeley as being “beyond helpful with getting the GSA department and verticals cleaned up. He is the only manufacturer rep we encountered that followed through on the problem. I showed him there was a problem and he went to work and broke through barriers to find a solution.” In an industry of various partnerships between the dealer and manufacturers, CCS and PM have found a rhythm that works for one another.

The best type of business partnerships are relationships built upon consistency, trust, and adaptability. Focusing on goals and working towards serving end-users is what makes the partnership between CCS and PM simply incredible. “Our connection with our rep Chris Greeley is really an immeasurable aspect of the relationship,” says Trenholm. “With other companies sometimes, we aren’t even able to get someone on the phone with us, and some manufacturers take weeks to answer our questions. With Premier it is different, they treat their customers as if they are themselves or members of their family,” continues Trenholm. Premier Mounts is proud to have a team that works to serve others and provide them with products, tools, and knowledge that it takes to succeed.