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Premier Mounts Company Culture

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Premier Mounts Company Culture

No matter the size of the company, culture is a major component in the success or failure of an organization. From a group of talented engineers to a dedicated team of customer service professionals, Premier Mounts core values are built on the bedrock principle that people come first. Founded in 1977 by Len Dozier, Premier Mounts’ mission extends beyond simply manufacturing products but also to serve employees well and be a leader in the industry by developing personal relationships and partnerships with customers in order to realize their dreams.

Every company has its own level of expertise to help achieve goals which include revenue, vision, employment, and culture. So, what makes the culture at Premier Mounts unique? Executive Vice President of Sales, Tiffany Dozier has been with the company for 22 years. “We feel it is very important to make people feel valued and make them feel like their contributions matter in ultimately propelling the company to move forward,” affirms Dozier.

Across all levels of employment from entry-level positions to management, consistent communication is always a priority. Dozier says the best approach is to always be open and discuss industry trends with employees. Subjects like trade wars and tariffs are topics of concern that have come up. “International trade can affect our business positively and negatively depending on the economic climate,” says Dozier. “When talking to a diverse audience of company employees, they do appreciate the discussions at all levels even though it may not directly concern their department.”

Sometimes it can be a challenge to manage expectations within the individual levels of a company. Premier Mounts recognizes that there are unique layers of management and every manager has a different style. “We have performance and attendance expectations in place across the board. Everyone has a responsibility for achieving financial goals. From sales, marketing, to the warehouse, everyone has a part in completing orders,” notes Dozier. And if something goes wrong, the teams work together to find a solution, which helps people feel valued at all levels. Performance improvement plans are in place for individuals to correct things that aren’t working, to get back on track and coach people in areas where they need improvement.

Constantly striving to be better in leading by the example of hard work and humility is a primary philosophy that comes from the top levels of leadership. Having a clear vision and objectives for the company reinforces the commitment to employees and clients. “We used to say that we were the best-kept secret in the industry because of doing all these amazing things and no one really knew about it,” remembers Dozier. “Our CEO Len has an open-door policy, always contributes and makes sure that mindset flows down to managers. He knows the team wants to feel like they are part of a family,” adds Dozier.

One of the things that Premier Mounts emphasizes is that family and faith take precedence. “We support Christian values within the organization. How we treat one another in day to day actions is foremost. We strive to be as godly as we can be in personal and work life and relationships with customers,” says Dozier. “We want people to feel like they are working for a company where they are valued as well as their families and we have the ability to leverage their expertise on the professional side,” Dozier adds.

Creating a positive and fun work environment through morale-building is of high importance and also a balancing act. The leadership at Premier Mounts is proud to recognize outstanding employees on a regular basis. Every month morale is built with activities like birthday celebrations, jersey days on Fridays, costume contests, and recognizing employee accomplishments with gift card rewards in front of the whole company. “It’s about creating a nice, healthy and rewarding culture for our team,” says Dozier.

Over the years Premier Mounts has built a stellar reputation with customers through word of mouth and referral business. “People have a good experience with us and we build and thrive on that internally. Len has earned praise for being trustworthy, ethical and building quality mounts and the employees see that. Our industry is very competitive with forty to fifty different mount brands, and some of those being cheaper than us. They like us, they trust us and know we have their best interest in mind when working with them,” says Dozier. It’s a constant reminder that partnerships and relationships within the company are earned and should never be taken for granted.