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Premier Mounts Community of Collaborative Professionals Lead AV Excellence

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Premier Mounts Community of Collaborative Professionals Lead AV Excellence

At Premier Mounts our employees are dedicated to making a difference on both an organizational and industry level. Through a collaborative work environment and a community focused on innovation, our employees constantly encourage one another and excel within the company and the broader AV industry.

We value the insight, experience and expertise that each and every Premier Mounts employee brings to the company. Through interactions with internal teams and the dynamic and adaptable environment of working at Premier Mounts, our employees continue to make a difference in the AV field. A complex industry makes it necessary to have individuals who are well-versed in the intricacies of all areas of AV. Premier Mounts strives to leverage the best-equipped individuals to fulfill each unique team role.


Name: Steve Pedroza

Title:  PDS Sales Manager

Years at Premier Mounts:  4 yrs.

Steve Pedroza is the PDS Sales Manager who oversees the dedicated solutions side of Premier Mounts. With a highly integrated approach to management, Steve has built strong relationships with consultants, integrators, manufacturers, and the entire Premier Mounts company. Steve has appreciated being a member of the Premier Mounts family/team during his tenure. He has filled various roles within the company and brings his unique expertise with each new position he takes on.

When discussing his experience and impact in the AV industry Steve explains, “My ability to leverage over 20+ years of experience in multiple roles enables me to work together with my team and help to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction. Steve contributes to enhancing customer satisfaction by reshaping the installation processes to be time effective and ensure a streamlined execution from start to finish. Our goal is to always do what we can to help our customers be successful.” Steve is focused on keeping Premier Mounts striving towards the future and better serving all our customers.

On an internal level, Steve believes that “everybody has the best intentions to do right by the Premier Mounts’ customers and to enable each other to be successful. Each individual at Premier Mounts is working towards the same mission of developing personal relationships and partnerships with our customers in order to realize their dreams.”


Name:  Mike Johnson

Title:  Installation Project Manager

Years at Premier Mounts:  2 yrs.

Making AV dreams a reality wouldn’t be possible without effective installation. This integral aspect of the AV process is run by Mike Johnson, Premier Mounts’ Installation Project Manager, and key component of executing visually appealing and efficient projects. Since 2017, Mike has worked towards educating others on the installation process and staying up to date on the latest trends and approaches for tackling larger and smaller scale AV installations. “Being at Premier Mounts is the most gratifying and satisfying job I’ve ever had in my life,” explains Mike. Being able to watch projects unfold from beginning to end is an experience that brings
some of the most exciting parts of Mike’s work to life.

Across the field of AV installation, Mike Johnson is making an impact through his efforts to train others on the installation process as well. “I believe that I am making a difference in my current role by using my experience as a general contractor.  I am able to evaluate projects from multiple angles and really look at all the aspects of the total job, including flatness of the wall,” says Mike when discussing the impact, he has on the industry. By combining his years of experience, attention to detail, and ability to teach, Mike Johnson is a beneficial component to our team.

While overseeing all installation projects, Mike collaborates with our internal teams on a daily basis. To ensure that installations run smoothly from start to finish it is necessary Mike builds relationships with departments across Premier Mounts “Daily interaction with our internal teams is what keeps me motivated. Without their support, I would not be able to do what I do on a daily basis. I cannot say enough about them how professional they are and how supportive they are for me in the field and in our training program.”


Overall, the team at Premier Mounts consists of countless experts who are dedicated to making advancements in the AV industry. In order to provide the best, we have to employ the best. Every individual on our team is valued and adds to the success and innovation that we work towards every day.