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The Peak: February Vlog Recap

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The Peak: February Vlog Recap

It’s time for another visit to the top of the [mount]ain. This month, our vlog is packed with the essentials: LED, Convergent, and ISE. Our vlog is officially on a roll as we continue to post biweekly, so be on the lookout for the next episode of “The Peak!”

In Episode Three of “The Peak,” Brandon Breznick and Stephanie Wolfe sit down with Mike Johnson, our Installation Manager, to go over how to get started on your next videowall! Installation and adjustability are crucial for direct-view LED videowall success, and Mike knows what he’s talking about.

Episode Four takes us across the pond to our worldwide debut of the Convergent Series at ISE 2019! We walk the show floor, tour the city, and talk about all of the amazing tech that we found on the show floor.

Our goal this year is to consistently provide engaging and interesting content for everyone in the audiovisual industry. Is there something we aren’t talking about and should be? Let us know!