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March Product Showcase

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March Product Showcase

Creating quality products we stand behind with lifetime warranties is why so many integrators and A/V professionals turn to Premier Mounts. Learn more about our latest and greatest products that solve your A/V challenges in our March Product Showcase!


Swingout mount for flat-panels up to 300 lb

  • Features a 26 in. extension from the wall and allows up to 90º of swivel to both sides
  • The swingout arm can be pulled out from the wall and move to the left or right, while providing 10º of tilt
  • From the extension the AM300-B can easily move back to its home position at a depth of 3.97 in. from the wall

(INW-AM325 Recommended)

List Price: $689


Slim Press & Release Mount for Video Walls

  • Scissor feature allows easy access to the back of the display in under 5 seconds
  • OSHPD certified and ADA compliant
  • Springs open with a gentle push on the bezel of the display
  • Fine-tune X, Y and Z adjustments knobs for precision alignment

List Price: $625


Swing-out mount for flat-panel displays up to 175 lb

  • Features 10° of continuous tilt and 45° of swivel
  • Scissor-style construction that can bring the display 16 inches from the wall
  • Fine-tune adjustment knobs help to get the display level after installation

(INW-AM325 Recommended)

List Price: $368

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