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Linear Video Walls Made Easy

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Linear Video Walls Made Easy

Videowall installation can sometimes be incredibly challenging. Measuring, drilling, measuring, drilling, measuring, mounting, measuring……you get it. Our UMB series mounting solution takes the guesswork out of installing linear videowalls or menu boards. It’s an innovative design that relies on commercially-available unistrut hardware which after one measure and a few screws to attach the unistrut to the wall, you are set to go. Brackets attach to the display and hang and move side-to-side along the unistrut for placement exactly where you want it. Check out this video to get a better idea:

Quick Benefits of the UMB

  • Cost Effective – uses commercially available channel strut
  • Hassle-Free Installation – it’s ready to go out of the box
  • Reduced Install Time – minimal components to install
  • Hundreds of Configurations – including flat and tilt, portrait or landscape
  • Meets Changing QSR Regulations – menu flexibility that’s affordable

To learn more check out the UMB product page on our site!