Is Direct View LED The Right Choice for Your Next Video Wall?

In the Pro AV industry this question surfaces often when trying to design an exceptional visual experience for clients: is direct view LED (dvLED) the right choice for your next video wall? In the world of videowalls, there are two main choices for creating captivating experiences for clients or customers alike: direct view LED or LCD.

Direct-view LED saw a meteoric rise in popularity within the Pro AV market in 2016 and 2017, but the cost of implementing such a solution was much higher than LCD and seen as an obstacle for specification into certain projects. “Direct view LED was typically most common for outdoor, billboard, or sports applications where viewing distances were a minimum of 75 feet. Now dvLED can be found in lobbies, schools, boardrooms, security rooms and more because of significant improvements in technology that has allowed LED to become more affordable” says Shaun Roos, Western Regional Sales Manager at dvLED manufacture Unilumin. “This is the thanks to advanced fully automated manufacturing plants and labs that are able to produce large quantities of product at a fraction of the costs before and at with higher precision and accuracy.

Now that dvLED has become affordable, there are many clear benefits over LCD when comparing the solutions in video wall installations. “Some of the major advantages of dvLED include a 2-3x longer lifespan, seamless design, higher resolutions, better refresh rates, modular scalability and 75% more energy efficient” says Curtis Rose, Marketing Director at Premier Mounts. The list goes on and on, but this should give you a clear indication of what the right choice should be.

So, now that it’s pretty clear that dvLED is the right direction for video wall applications, it becomes about choosing the right dvLED product and mount to support it. “Assuming we already know the needed size, one question I am always asking is where is the closest viewer and target viewing distance? This is an important question as it will help filter down pitch and, in some cases, what product to use all together” says Roos.

“From there on, it gets into more specific questions like: Indoor or outdoor?  Brightness requirements? Color space requirements? Refresh requirements? Resolution needs? What kind of content could even influence what product should be used. It is with all these details that a selection must not be rushed and partnering with the right manufacturer is important to thoroughly investigate the application and ensuring you have the best product.”

Choosing the right dvLED brand and product based on the end-user’s needs is critical, same goes with the mount. “As the foundation of a direct view LED video wall the mount is what brings each LED cabinet together to create a seamless and clear look” says Rose. “Make sure your mounting solution has plenty of z-alignment to compensate for the potential uneven surface the video wall would live on.”

In the end, it’s clear that dvLED is the future, with companies like Unilumin leading the charge in advancing the technology and Premier Mounts supporting the technology. The future is bright (literally) and with 2020 already showing 27% growth in dvLED according to AVIXA, the best is yet to come.